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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
September 23, 2009

In attendance:  Sandy Anderson, Elliot Eisenberg, Allan Gall, Peggy Hanson, Ken Hill, Mike Jewell, Linda Scheffer, Dave Weinman, and John Wintrol,

Treasurer’s Report 

Remaining costs for the year are the directory, Buralarda, and the postage to mail the directory.

We have 378 paying members, and 136 sent additional funds for projects, totaling $4,360. 

Mention was made that people joining through NPCA pay only $15 for Arkadaşlar, though our dues are currently $20.  Peggy will put something about it in Buralarda.


Peggy described the next Buralarda, which will have:

Letter from the President
Article about the Sgt. Shriver’s trip to Turkey
A page on the Cumhuriyet Bayram dinners
Obituary on Carol Kocan
Allan’s epicurean experience during Ramazan in Turkey
A copy of the directory cover, if possible. 


The directories should arrive on October 10.  Ken will host stuffing the envelopes, enclosing a letter from our President and affixing a label and stamps. 

Mary Helen Madden 

We decided to prepare a resolution thanking Mary Helen, saying she’s in our thoughts, noting that we’ll see her at the bayram and expressing our resolve that she recover quickly.  Mike will get a card.  Peggy passed around a page that was signed by everyone.   

Cumhuriyet Bayram Dinner 

We need to bring things to put in our baskets to be raffled.  We will try to have helium balloons.   

Mike needs to follow up with İrem Bozyığıt, the embassy secretary.  Kevin Quigley of NPCA has accepted.  Ken has been trying to contact Aaron and Rosa Williams.  He’s the new Director of the Peace Corps.  John is calling Bülent Atalay, and Kevin McCarthy might come. 

It was suggested that instead of a speaker, we hear about the projects. 

For the agenda outline, we’ll make introductions, including Kevin Quigley.  Linda will explain the projects.  Then we’ll sell raffle tickets.  In the past Kathy & Max Scruggs have done it.  Also Lin Lougheed, Peggy Hanson and Yıldız Yağıcı

It starts at 5:30 and someone should bring written copies of the Istıklal Marşı. 

Anyone with questions should contact Linda or Mike.   

Bayram Dinners 

Dinners will be held in 11 cities this year.  Maine and Illinois are new. 

Projects Outside Turkey 

We voted that we can provide information on projects outside Turkey on the listserv, Buralarda, and on the web.  We would not say that we support or endorse these projects.   

Three projects interested in our support are:
      Bridges of Hope
      Bridges to Turkey

Board members wanted to know what’s on the web now.  We know that Bridges of Hope, and Bridges to Turkey are there along with the Peace Corps project in Macedonia.  We will look at HasNa later. 

The Board decided to leave things as is.  Ellie is asked to get us a list of the linkages. 

Buralarda requires the same discussion as the web does. 

Peace Corps 50th Reunion 

Sandy and Linda will work with Mary Helen on finding a hotel for people coming to the Peace Corps’ 50th in 2011. 

PC Turkey Archives 

We are wondering if a university or other site would like to maintain our archives.  Sometimes these cost money to pay for the storing, cataloguing, etc. required.   

There is the PC site in Boston, but the information can only be accessed by sorting on categories, and succinct archives on just Turkey aren’t available.  Also, everything is in electronic format. 

We will want to know how they are organized, kept, screened, and what they want – documents, memoirs, photos. …Currently Allan has our archives.  NPCA is working on this, and Sandy will look into it some more. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Anderson





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