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Photo Gallery

2021 Washington DC area bayram luncheon
2019 Washington DC area bayram luncheon

2018 Washington DC area bayram dinner
2018 Turkey-1 Reunion

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Photos from the 60's (our time as PCVs)
Lots of photos from our various Peace Corps experiences.  Please share your photos by sending them to our webmaster.  We hope these pages will bring back fond memories.  If you can identify anyone not identified, please let us know

Anderson, Sandy Comstock (T-13)  Photos (T-13) from years 1966-1968
Block, Ed Photos (T-8)  Photos from Ünye, 1966
Bock Photos of T-8 and T-9 photos from Trabzon courtesy of Tom Bock, who served in military in Trabzon
Dial, Tim and Nancy  (T-8) photos of their time as volunteers     
Fabian, Patrick (T-9)
Gattis, Guy (T-9)
Garnett, David (T-15)
Janzig, Dick Photos (T-15)  Photos from METU, T-15 In-Country Training, & Ankara, 1967-69
Reese, Bill  Photos (T-8)  Training and Kars
Tracy, Martin & Patsy  Photos (T-8)
Youngman, Lex  Photos (T-16) Photos from 1968-1970

Photos from trips back to Turkey since Peace Corps Service
Bryan, Barbara and Donna Chmara 2005 trip back to Turkey  Note: Connections of former students and former teachers were made through this website!
Kocan, Carol  Photos   Photos from İstanbul, Ayvalık, İzmir, Bodrum, Kuşadası & Efes
Nist Laturner, Gretchen  (T-8) photo of felt hats for sale in Istanbul, February 2010.

Park, George: Return to Nemrut Dağı, 2009

Parlak, Dr. Zafer and his students who are doing a survey of Arkadaslar members

Pfunder, Sandy  Photos from Eastern Turkey & Istanbul 2008: (Anatolian Artisans Tour)
Pfunder, Sandy  Photos from Istanbul and Black Sea 2009
Pfunder, Sandy  Photos from Turkey Trip 2007
Pfunder, Sandy  Photos from Anatolian Artisans Tour to Black Sea July 2006
Pfunder, Sandy  Photos 2006  
from his trip to Istanbul and back to his Black Sea village
Pfunder, Sandy  Photos  from 2004 Arkadaşlar trip to Turkey  
Çayıriçi Köyü, İstanbul, Edirne, Trabzon, Artvin, Erzurum
Pfunder, Sandy  Photos  Photos from 1965-66 and return trips to Cayirici Koyu in 1975,1999, 2002, and 2004.
Pfunder, Sandy  Photos from 2013 trip back to Turkey

RPCV's:  Recent Photos
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New Photos of Old Friends

Amca Dave Weinman's 70th birthday photo

Other photos


Turkish Family
Photo by Elinor LeBaron

Lin Lougheed at Karamanli Orta Okulu  1968

Playing villagers: Karin Bergmann (T-8), Gretchen Nist LaTurner (T-8), Judy Moser Wanner (T-8), and Rick Ash(T-2, Staff) 1966
Photo by Gretchen LaTurner

Gretchen Nist, Colleen Clark, &  Jeannine Tonetti  
March 5 1966
Photo by John Clark T4

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Links to pages of Peace Corps' 50th Anniversaray Global Reunion and Arkadaslar Reunion 2011


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Earlier Reunions: (most recent to earliest):

Arkadaslar Portland  Reunion Photos 2005

Arkadaslar Reunion (in conjunction with Peace Corps 40th Reunion, June 20-23, 2002) 

Peace Corps Reunion Sept 2001

Turkey-15 Seattle Reunion Photo

Peace Corps' 25th Anniversary Reunion 1986

Peace Corps Turkey:

Summer Camp Mersin 1966

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