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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
May 14, 2013

In attendance:  Mike Jewell, Linda Scheffer, Lynn Maichle, Ken Hill, Valerie Olson, John Gallivan, Tom Kral, Elliot Eisenberg, Dave Weinman, Ellie LeBaron, Kathy Kral

Meeting was convened at 6:35 pm at Atilla’s, and adjourned at 7:20pm.

Treasurer’s Report: Membership in Arkadaşlar in 2013:  471 (vs 401 in 2012)

Buralarda The Board agreed that the newest edition of Buralarda was excellent as usual and agreed that late August to mid-September prior to Cumhurriyet Bayrami was ideal for timing of the next edition.   MIke to talk to Steve and Peggy about options for next edition.  Possibly include trip report from T-2.

Funding Projects for 2013:  The Board agreed to continue funding the six current projects we have been supporting.  Someone will get an estimate from Populore for the photo book.

Listserv Message Monitoring:  Ken Hill volunteered to screen emails.  For questionable emails he will call the author; for spam and ”objectionable” emails, he’ll send out an email to the membership warning them not to open and will also delete the messages. 

Website Makeover:  John Gallivan volunteered to edit the book page.  Other suggestions: 1) make landing page more friendly; 2) increase font size; 3)  group information in boxes with visible titles to make the ‘look’ more graphically appealing.  Ellie LeBaron requested assistance;  e.g. someone to monitor website for new information & send messages notifying listserv members of updates. 

NPCA Followup:  NPCA would like RPCV assistance in volunteering for projects.  Since volunteers must pay their own way and NPCA receives a percentage of that fee, Ken Hill suggested this was a dubious process & not advantageous to RPCVs.  Mike and Ken pointed out that Arkadaslar has been active on volunteer projects on its own.

ATAA Conference Panel & Award:  ATAA National Leadership Council has been expanded to include representatives from the former Soviet Republics. Mike Jewell, Ken Hill & Ellie LeBaron participated in the April meeting and shared their volunteer experiences. Panel showed video of T-1 that Peggy Hanson created. Mike Jewell showed us the award Arkadaşlar received

Directory: All material has been forwarded to publisher; who estimated 2 weeks to complete first draft of layout.   Sections sent:  Groups, Addresses, Maiden Names, Sites, Deceased, Current Geography, Stories (19 + 18 accompanying photos), other photos (258 with high scores;  will likely include about 50%)

Next meeting:  Tuesday August 13

Notes taken by Lynn Maichle

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