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May 8, 2001, Minutes of the Board
Rosemary's Thyme Bistro, Washington, DC

In attendance: Board Members:
Sandy Anderson, Mike Jewell, Marcia Gnuse, Lin Lougheed, John Wintrol, Linda Scheffer, Ed Block

Members and Friends:
Judy Gerald, Jill Diskan, Dave Hopkins, Anonymous, Richard Meyer

Topic One: Reunion Trip to Turkey, May 2002
Dave Hopkins, Mike Jewell, and Dave Weinman asked the Board to support their intention to organize and carry out a trip to Turkey. The following is taken from Hopkin's presentation:

The general idea is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Peace Corps in Turkey with a trip to Turkey in 2002, which is the 40th anniversary of the arrival of the first Peace Corps group in Turkey.

We propose to schedule the trip for roughly the last two weeks in May, 002 - May 18 to June 1, subject to minor adjustments as we begin detailed planning. (These were the most popular dates with members returning the dues questionnaire.)

Arkadaslar would act as the organizing focal point, and the trip would be open to all Turkey RPCV's and staff, their families, Turkish friends of the Peace Corps, and other invited participants.

The plan is similar to that used for the trip two years ago:
bulletA number of organized events for all participants at the start of the trip, in Ankara.
bulletA period of about a week for individual activity - return to the cities we lived in, or travel in Turkey, or other individual or sub-group activities
bulletA number of organized activities at the end of the end of the trip, in Istanbul.
Hopkins introduced Richard Meyer whose travel agency in Virginia is also celebrating its 40th anniversary. Meyer plans to make the trip go smoothly for the 50-60 people necessary to make the trip feasible. The more the better, however.

The Board discussed the prices for the trip, but a final determination will be made by the subcommittee after discussions with airlines and hotels in Turkey. The Board agreed to support the organizers of the trip with the understanding that monies advanced would be repaid.

Topic Two: Treasurer's Report
Linda Scheffer reported that there is $6,600.42 in our account, but she was quick to add that we have not put out a newsletter or contributed to any development group in Turkey yet. We have an additional $5,510 allocated at the last meeting for scholarships for earthquake victims which she will carry to Istanbul this week.

Our total membership now is 231 which is lower that last year at this time, but there is still plenty of time for the other 600 people on our mailing list to send in their dues.

Mike Jewell suggested we should send more reminders. Sandy Anderson said the lack of a constant newsletter may inhibit momentum.

Topic Three: Earthquake contributions
At the last board meeting we voted to give monies collected for earthquake contributions to the Universities Cultural and Educational Foundation. This foundation has identified three students in Istanbul who will receive $30 a month. These three will be known as Arkadaslar scholars and we will be able to follow their progress.

Sandy Anderson asked that the Foundation add a woman to the list. Lin Lougheed promised to (and did) write the Director of the Foundation asking that part of our contribution be given to a female recipient.

Topic Four: PC Workshop
The Global Workshop of the Peace Corps used our listserve to find speakers for its programs. It successfully located a returned volunteer from Kyrgystan.

Topic Five: Peace Corps Awards
The various awards and nominating procedures for Peace Corps awards was passed around. Members interested in nominating an RPCV can get the forms on the RPCV website.

Topic Six: September 2001 Reunion in Washington, DC.
Preliminary plans for our reunion are underway.
    9/21 Friday 5-7: Registration and reception [Dinner on own at selected restaurants]
    9/22 Saturday 9:30-12:30: Workshop [Lunch on own at selected restaurants]
    9/22 Saturday 7:00-10:00: Reception and dinner
    9/23 Sunday: RPCV Organized events

Jill Diskan will be organizing the registration and reception event at the Assembly of Turkish American Associations office on Friday, Sept 21. The Executive Director, Güler Koknar, has graciously allowed us to use their space.

Judy Gerald is organizing a workshop to be held at the Turkish chancery in Washington, Saturday morning, Sept 22. There will be 5 or 6 speakers discussing the political, social, and economic changes in Turkey since 1962. After the presentations, the group will break out to discuss what role Arkadaslar can play in the future.

Pat Fesci has been working with the Turkish embassy to secure the workshop space and a place for the reception and dinner on Saturday evening.

Our program does not conflict with the scheduled RPCV events.

When the details are worked out, we will send an announcement to our membership.

It was proposed that the next meeting be either July 10 or 17th. Date to be determined soon.

Meeting adjourned.


Board Meeting Minutes:
Feb 2000 |  May 2000  Aug 2000 |  Jan 2001 |  May 2001  

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