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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
June 14, 2011

In attendance:  Sandy Anderson, Elliot Eisenberg, Allan Gall, Peggy Hanson, Mike Jewell, Linda Scheffer, Valerie Olson, Dave Weinman, and Peggy’s sister, Ginny Özçapan

Treasurer’s Report
Since March 23, 68 members paid dues, and 33 contributed extra money for projects.

We need to take out $2,000 for the next directory, and to take out funds for our contributions.  We can think about whether we want new recipients and discuss it at our next meeting.

We have 394 paid members; there were 412 last year.

There are NPCA members which total 79 in contrast to 73 last year.

33 sent extra money for projects, totaling $1,005.

$4,630 has been contributed from 162 members in contrast to last year’s $4,430 contributed by 147 members.

         Contributions to Projects 

Mike Jewell (and Dave Weinman?) attended an embassy-sponsored reception for a group, Turkish Philanthropic.  It is a US-based organization of mostly Turkish ex-patriots.  We may not want to contribute money directly to them, but we could look at their recipient list for ideas.

Peggy would like us to sponsor HasNa.  There is also Bridges to Turkey (Emin Pamucak), and Cigdem Acar’s (Heath and Demet’s daughter) Bridges of Hope to consider.

The Treasurer’s report was approved.

Global Reunion:  Friday Night Turkey’s Reception
The reception is planned to be at the Turkish Ambassador’s residence off Sheridan Circle, not the embassy.  It’s an historic mansion; we are pleased.

Mike had mentioned 4:00-6:00 or 4:30-6:30 as possible times.

There is no parking at the residence, so people will need to go by subway [.3 miles or 6-7 blocks from the Dupont Circle Metro] or take a taxi.  We will look into getting a shuttle from the hotel to the residence.

Agenda will be to mingle, drink, eat hors d’oeuvres.  Someone from the embassy will make remarks, and then Mike and Dave will respond.

The Turks might like to see our old pictures that we could put into a PowerPoint.  Perhaps a few persons from TEFL, CD … could say where they were and what they did.  Someone needs to be in charge of the presentation.  Mike and Dave will coordinate.  The question came up of whether we should sing the Turkish National Anthem with the words provided to everyone.

Koray Ertaş is the liaison, the Officer Counselor, and he will also be our speaker on Saturday.

Perhaps they can tell us about the residence.

The PC staff reunion is 7:00-10:00 that evening at the Building Museum.

Saturday Plenary Session at the Key Bridge Marriott
The Plenary Session is planned for 1:30-4:30 with a break. The initial suggestion was to have a panel, then a break, then have time to mingle.  We began to discuss speakers.

The embassy speaker could talk to us on what is happening today, for example Turkey’s role as a Middle Eastern economic force, the new constitution and how to get out from under military control, or Turkey’s foreign policy especially in the Middle East, Balkans and Eastern Asia.  Elliot concluded for us to just let the Embassy talk about Turkey’s place in the world today. 

We are hoping that Zafer Parlak will be able to be one of the speakers at our Plenary Session. He is someone who over a long time has been interested in Turkey’s Peace Corps volunteers and has involved us in his study.   He has made various presentations in Turkey about the Peace Corps and can share those findings with us.  We discussed how long he should speak and concluded with 20 minutes and 10 minutes for questions.

Then someone from the Wilson Institute can talk to us about Turkish politics.

Another suggestion was to have Heath Lowry give a shortened version of the American journalist in Turkey during the time of Ataturk.  Mention was made that Heath’s book, Turkey, An On-going Love Affair is a good book to read.  Tom Brosnahan was mentioned as was Dora Nadolski’s offer to present.

The idea of a panel was discounted.

A committee was formed to prepare the program, consisting of Mike, Peggy, Allan and Dave.  We will vote by email, allowing a couple of days for comment.  The committee is asked to present it to the Board for approval by July if possible.

We discussed having Yildiz make the wares of the Anatolian Artisans available, and there was general approval as she is always a part of our Bayram Dinners.

We will be in the Potomac Room of the Key Bridge Marriott.  The room can seat 300 at tables, or 400 in theater style.  We prefer the tables.

We agreed that each group will be given a table around the outside of the room for its group.  The group can put out memorabilia, a mug book, photos …  The table will also serve as a congregating point at the end of the meeting for groups to organize themselves to get to the group dinner that evening.

We will need to have some tent signs made to sit on each table to indicate the Group’s Number.

Participants will need information on how to get to the Key Bridge Marriott.  They need to be told that parking is $6.00. 

Sunday at Arlington Cemetery Peace Corps’ 50th – Flag Bearer

It was agreed that Sandy would put her name down.  Mike said he would be Sandy’s backup.

Registration Fee

The cost of the Potomac Room will be $2,250.  We will use the afternoon refreshments provided by the hotel since we’ll have our group dinners that evening, and had hors d’oeuvres at the Turkish residency the evening before.  That is an estimated cost of $12.50 per person.  In addition, there will be costs for all the printing, badges, etc.

We agreed to charge $25 for the registration. 


Allan has done all the work on the t-shirts.  He reported that there were two quality levels:   The lower quality shirts cost $16 for t-shirts and $22 for polo shirts.The better quality shirts cost $15 for t-shirts and $25 for polo shirts.

We decided to go with the higher quality, and we will charge $20 for the t-shirts and $30 for the polo shirts.

It was agreed that we will put the order form on the registration and people will need to include the price of the shirts when they send in their registrations.  The registration form will need to indicate:

Type of shirt – t-shirt or polo
  §  Quantity
Size – S, M, L, XL, XXL (higher cost for XXL).

The back of the shirts will read: 

Peace Corps

We voted for the single tile, square shape, with one tulip in it.  On the front the design will go on the left where brand names are placed.   

Place to Hang Out

We discussed the idea of having a place, such as Atilla's, for people to hang out if they don’t have a group that’s meeting, or need a place to go, for example, Friday night.  It was pointed out that there are places near the hotel where people can go.  Also, Atilla’s is being used by the T-8s on Saturday evening.  We decided not to designate a place. 


We need an issue of Buralarda to go out before the end of June, if possible.  It will include the registration form.

In addition, it should mention the Smithsonian gathering for PCVs on the Mall, with Turkey’s designated time as July 3, 2:00 – 3:30.  Sandy and Mike indicated that they planned to go.  This can’t go in Buralarda if it doesn’t get out in June, however.

And we need to talk about the PC flotilla on the Delaware River, sponsored by Ginny Kirkwood.  Each country will have its own raft and flag. 

Next Meeting

The Next Meeting will be Tuesday, August 9 at Atilla’s at 6:30.  Konuşma at 6:00.

Notes taken by

Sandy Anderson


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