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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atillaís Restaurant
June 5, 2008 

In attendance:  Dave Weinman, Ken Hill, Mary Helen Madden, Linda Scheffer, Sandy Anderson, and John Wintrol  

Election of Board Members:
The terms of three Board Members ended in 2007:  Sandy Anderson, Marcia Gnuse and Valerie Olson.    Marcia resigned.  Sandy and Valerie were re-elected.  Dave will talk to Eliot Eisenberg and Jill Diskan.   

Current members and terms are:
006, 2007, 2008     Pat Fesci
2006, 2007, 2008     Linda Scheffer
2006, 2007, 2008     John Wintrol
2006, 2007, 2008     Mary Helen Madden

2007, 2008, 2009     Allen Gall
2007, 2008, 2009     Mike Jewell
2007, 2008, 2009     Ken Hill

2008, 2009, 2010     Sandy Anderson
2008, 2009, 2010     Valerie Olson

We would like to maintain 11 members on the Board so two additional members are needed.

Bayram Dinner, October 26 at Kazanís
Kenís going to invite the Ambassador via Ankara, and he will invite Demet Cabbar, president of ATA-DC.

Turkey-2s are having a reunion, but we donít know what they need in the way of support.  Kathy Scruggs may be the coordinator.

We discussed sending the announcement by email. 

Sandy said that once Buralarda is in electronic format we can email it to members who want it electronically.  She doesnít have the time to prepare Buralarda herself.  With Marciaís resignation we need a new editor.  It should be someone who can work in Microsoft Office, be able to receive and paste pictures, and prepare a document in electronic format.  Sandy will go out on the listserv and ask for someone. 

Treasurerís Report
We had a loss last year of $3,778.  We contributed more money last year because our balance had become too large.  Linda expects cash assets of $6,456.60. 

Womenís Groups
Allen noted that we were asked during the spring to consider contributing to groups that work with women in Turkey.  He offered to go to the old emails to find the discussions on this issue.  

Two different opinions were offered:
bulletWe discussed Anatolian Artisans.  They are doing very well.  It empowers women.  If it empowers women and if it is a good business, then we should support it.
bullet If we like what an organization does, then we should contribute whether they are successful or not.

Ken would like to know more about what Ashoka is doing.  He will check on that for the next meeting.

We voted not to send funds to Ashoka until we know what we are getting.

Peace Corps 50th Anniversary
Ken reported that there is a planning group, headed by Jody Olson, Deputy Director of the Peace Corps.  PC is now taking an active role.  In the past, PC was worried about the impression in Congress.  There is a legal ruling that this can be funded as part of the recruitment of the Peace Corps.

Peace Corps can use its fundraising authority to collect for this anniversary.  $3 million is needed.  It will be coordinated with the Folk Life on the Mall (Sept. 1st, focused on the Peace Corps.)  Ken will organize the staff reunion.

There will be celebrations across the US, international celebrations and Congressional recognition.  Kennedy Center is reserved for $1.  A professional author will write a history of the Peace Corps over the past 50 years.  There will be a march of the flags.

NPCA is sidelined; it is not the organizer, and it canít do it.   

Arkadaslar Reunion 
Our 50th reunion is in 2012.  Dave mentioned having a reunion in Turkey. 

We have agreed  to have our reunion in 2011 here in DC.  Sandy, Linda and Mary Helen will work on it.

Arkadaslar Get-together
Mary Helen will host a get-together for all Arkadaslar in the metro area.  We will send out cards, and collect the cost as part of the fees.

Sunday, August 17 at 5:00.  Her birthday is the 18th.  Wine and cheese, outdoor Ė weather permitting, and weíll show the Sargeant Shriver video for those interested.

We had a discussion about dividing the listserv between those who want the ongoing news from Turkey, and those who just want organizational news.  We decided that we donít want to divide our group more.  The large volume of listserv traffic was awhile ago.  People can use the delete key.

Linda reported that now that we no longer share dues with NPCA, members arenít showing much interest in joining NCPA through Arkadaslar.

NCPA Meeting in Seattle 
Judith Cederblom represented Arkadaslar at the NPCA Seattle meeting.  She took photos which were passed around for those who might know the NPCA leaders.  Sandy can share the results on the listserv.

Next Meeting:  September 18th at Atillas.





















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