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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
July 13, 2010

In attendance:  Sandy Anderson, Ken Hill, Allan Gall, Mike Jewell, Linda Scheffer, Dave Weinman, John Wintrol and Winnie Hill.  

Treasurer’s Report

Membership in Arkadaslar  2010 Total – 389     2009 Total – 395   
Membership in NPCA         2010 Total --  70     2009 Total –   70 

Contributions to Projects 2010 Total -- $4,220 (140 members) 
Contributions to Projects 2009 Total -- $4,465 (138 members)

We anticipate a cushion of about $1,500 for 2010 while maintaining the current contributions, minus Ashoka which hasn’t been responsive to our inquiries.  

We discussed whether we should charge for the directory.  It costs us $10 to send a directory overseas.    The directory is the only thing that members get as a reward for paying their dues.  This is a significant thing for them.  We decided to think about it later if the budget becomes a problem. 

Peace Corps/NPCA Schedule for 50th Anniversary  

Ken had sent an email with this tentative schedule: 

Thursday, 22nd:
       “Advocacy Day” on Hill: (NPCA), all day
Ø       Group Reunions:  (Groups), all day

Friday, 23rd:
       Group Reunions: (Groups), all day
       PC Staff Reunion (Staff Reunion Committee - Ken Hill),  evening

Saturday, 24th:
       Group Reunions: (Groups), all day
       50th Reception (PC & NPCA) late afternoon
       PC 50th GALA (NPCA). evening

Sunday, 25th:
       Convocation – Arlington Cemetery Amphitheatre (RPCV/W) morning
       Silent ceremony at JFK Grave (RPCV/W), late morning 
       Parade of Flags over Memorial Bridge (RPCV/W), noon
       Reception in Tent on the Mall (very tentative!!) (PC). afternoon
       Group Reunions (Groups), afternoon/evening. 

      Friday night will be an event for Peace Corps staff,

Saturday evening is the gala, and

Sunday they will hold the closing event at 10:00 a.m. in the amphitheater at Arlington.  We will walk across the Memorial Bridge toward the mall which may have tents sponsored by the embassies.

 Global Reunion Schedule for Arkadaslar

Our planning group is the Board as a whole. 

We may have our different groups gather each at their own restaurants on Friday evening.

Saturday might be the embassy reception, and possibly also the large group conference.   

Ken, Dave and Mike will see what the Turkish Embassy would like to do to help celebrate.

The Friday night reception for just staff will be finger foods, starting 7:00.  Depending on the scheduling, the staff might be able to also attend their group’s meeting. 

Perhaps the groups could get together over a lunch. 

Ken will learn more next week. 

We should get an informational email on the listserv and website identifying the dates and major planned activities.  Thursday evening should be included for now. 

Securing a Hotel for Arkadaslar 

We mentioned the hotels that are working with NPCA and donating some proceeds back to NPCA, but those are mostly centered in the District.   

Allan Gall and Peggy Hanson had looked at sites in Arlington and recommended the Virginian Suites, just outside Rosslyn, and within walking distance of the subway.  The rooms are inexpensive at $79 for single or double occupancy.  Some rooms have suites, and the Peace Corps uses it for med-evac.  It also has a shuttle to and from the metro.  There are two hotels next door:  The Rosslyn Inn and Best Western.

We estimate that we’ll want a room large enough to hold about 100 people for a conference.  We estimate that perhaps 50 couples will want rooms. 

Linda, Allan and Mary Helen will check the nearby hotels. 


We discussed whether we should begin to send Buralarda electronically to people who want it that way.  It costs $900 to send one issue.   

Someone noted that the latest issue was the best.   

If we can’t publish three times a year, we could publish two times.  However, the Post Office only notifies us of a new address within 4 months or so of someone moving.  So if our mailing is less than three times a year, we will lose some people.  [Note: the dues letter counts as a mailing.] 

If we only send Buralarda electronically, then we will not know about address changes, and if they change their email address, we’ll lose them completely. 

One person noted that if he gets Buralarda in hard copy, he’ll read it eventually; if it’s in email, he doubts that he’ll get back to it.  

The consensus was to just leave the process as it is where we mail Buralarda to everyone for whom we have an address. 


Prior to the last meeting Sandy emailed the person who showed interest at American University.  She did not get a reply but will try again. 

Bayram Dinner 

We will hold the Washington, DC dinner on Sunday, October 31 at Kazan’s.  Linda will be the coordinator, along with Ken.  Margaret Hamill Patterson will be with Linda and will help.  Dave will talk to Zeynel.  Ken will see if the Ambassador would like to talk to us. 

Zafer Parlak 

Zafer Parlak, who is writing a book about Peace Corps - Turkey told Linda that the book is coming along, and it may be done before the 50th anniversary.   

Organizing by Groups 

This August Sandy intends to begin finding people to volunteer as their group’s coordinator in preparation for the Global Reunion. 

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 6:30 at Atilla's. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Anderson 

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