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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
July 26,
Atilla's  Restaurant, Arlington

In attendance:  Sandy Pfunder, Ken Hill, Linda Scheffer, Allen Gall, Valerie Olson, Mike Jewell, John Wintrol, Dave Weinman, Marcia Gnuse, Sandy Anderson and Judie Jerald.

Member Survey
Sandy Pfunder reported a final count of 182 surveys received from the 800 sent out. He credited the process with an addition of 81 new database items, and 21 new members for the listserv. He would like to use the results as a strategic plan. The group commended Sandy for all the work.

General discussion included:

bulletPick one or two items for each year
bulletExpand our workers beyond the Board members, and assign tasks to individuals
bulletConsider making the Bayram dinner in Washington an Annual Meeting in order to expand beyond the D.C. area.
bulletThis can also be done regionally.

To a survey question which asked if people would help to organize, 50-60 said yes.

bulletPerhaps we can look at their locations and get them involved in the meeting.
bulletThose meetings would have to meet more often than annually.
bulletWe might be able to organize around tasks.
bulletWe have about 8 bayram dinners each year. Attendees run from 8 to 20. The 50-60 volunteers move beyond this Bayram dinner energy level. They are always the same people, however.

At the end of the report was a summary of recommendations. We took a straw poll, and each selected 5 we would support. Those receiving 3 or more votes are given below:

Total of Board Votes

Summary of recommendations


1. Compile a geographic list of people who have expressed willingness to help organize local events, and assess ways to assure continuation and expansion of the number of bayram dinners.


2. Designate a small group to consider ways of expanding the content and usage of the website.


3. Designate a small group to develop and recommend ways of seeking and exchanging information and personal suggestions and recommendations relating to travel to Turkey.


4. Solicit information about Turkish restaurants for publication on the website.


5. Continue to list on the website and briefly describe the charitable contributions made by Arkadaşlar.


6. Organize an outreach effort to locate as many as possible former PC/Turkey volunteers and staff for whom we do not have current contact information.


7. Develop and expand the collection and dissemination of information about local groups, programs, events and activities relating to Turkey and to Turkish culture.


8. Consider the feasibility, timing and location of one or more future Arkadaşlar reunions.


9. Designate a small group to consider the appropriate role of Buralarda and to consider whether to change or enlarge its content and/or frequency of publication.

Over half the respondents had visited the website. About 50 were regular users. A greater number used the listserv.

Publication of the Book
It will cost $8,000 to publish the book of our stories. The concept of advance purchase may run afoul of an FTC mail order rule. Our contact in Turkey said she can print it, but not publish it. It will cost $6,000 to print a small quantity. Not that many persons who completed the survey expressed interest. The issue is tabled until Sandy Pfunder investigates further.

Our plan is to publish the directory next January. It costs about $6,000, and we had agreed to take 1/3 of the cost out of each year’s budget. Thus, 1/3 will come from next year’s budget, and 2/3 from our current budget and surplus.

We have for 2005:
    Assets $17,912
    Expenditures $13,600

That will leave us with an anticipated $4,312 balance to carry over to 2006.  [Notice that we are working at a deficit: Anticipated income is $6,975, while budgeted expenses are $8,600.]

We still do not have a president, and Dave Weinman declared that collegial administration is ending.

A newsletter will be published in August. All information must be sent to Marcia by August 10-19.

Next Meeting
Atillas on Wednesday, September 28 at 6:30.

Notes taken by Sandy Anderson

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