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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
January 22, 2013

In attendance: Sandy Anderson, Elliot Eisenberg, Peggy Hanson, Mike Jewell, Tom and Kathy Kral, Lin Lougheed, Lynn Maichle, Valerie Olson, Linda Scheffer, Dave Weinman, and John Wintrol

Treasurer’s Report  

We had 401 members in 2012.  For 2013 we have 263 members, 96 of whom have donated for our projects, and 42 of them have also joined NPCA.   

Our major expense for 2013 is the directory which is estimated to cost $5,565 for which $6,000 has been set aside. 

Kuzey Doğa (north nature) Project  

Lin reported on the Kuzey Doğa project.  Three of our Board Members contributed $750 to the project, and Arkadaşlar may consider donating in the future. 

Election of Officers 

Board Members nominated for 2013 through 2015 terms were Mike Jewell, Ken Hill, Lynn Maichle and Lin Lougheed.  Mike and Ken completed previous three-year terms; Lynn filled in a one-year term and is returning.  Lin is joining the Board after being away for a while.  All were elected unanimously. 

Mike entertained the prospect of someone volunteering to become president.  He described the work and said we were a good board to work with.  Mike was nominated to continue as president in an interim capacity, hoping a new president will step forward. 

Lin Lougheed volunteered to share responsibilities.  In the ensuing discussion, Sandy expressed concern that she needed someone in an official capacity in case Mike cannot be reached.  She made the motion that we establish a position of Vice President and John Wintrol seconded.  Eight (8) current members voted for, and one (1) opposed. 

Lin Lougheed was approved to be Vice President.  NPCA should be notified. 


The team working on the directory consists of Lynn who is coordinating the stories and photos to be used, Linda who receives new information and carefully edits, and Sandy who manages the data base and preparation of information.  We have received 22 stories, and can use about half of them.  We hope to have the directory out in the next few months. 


Editors Peggy and Steve are preparing the next issue.  We brainstormed topics possibly to be included:

Appeal for funds
Lin’s article on Kuzey Doğa
Linda and others on the Washington, DC Bayram Dinner
Lynn’s Bayram Dinner in Massachusetts
Other Bayram Dinners nationwide
Kevin’s trip for the Turkey – 2s 

Visit and Work in Turkey, New Idea  

Sandy introduced an idea borrowed from NPCA that we become involved with projects where we go to Turkey and work as volunteers for a week.  She said she thought that NPCA had only tried it in Central America thus far, and that a travel agency handled it.  Participants gave good reports. 

Peggy considered that we could go as individuals to some of our projects.  Mike was wondering about who would do the interface between the Turkey site(s) and us.  Peggy wondered about Hacettepe and visiting the homes of students we sponsor. 

We suggested that this be put into Buralarda for members to think about.  John would like to tie it into what NPCA is doing, and Mike worried about costs.  Sandy said that people pay their own way.  She also said that she was trying to follow up to learn more from NCPA. 

John made the motion that we share this idea with members in Buralarda, and Lynn seconded.  The vote was unanimous to contact the editors. 

Kuzey Doğa 

The question came up about whether we wanted to take an advocacy position opposed to dams being proposed for the Kuzey Doğa corridor and near Kars.  Lin would like letters sent to four influential persons including Turkey’s president and several ministers.  We agreed that Lin can post it as an individual on the listserv. 


Sandy would like to give up responsibility for the listserv.  She said that she does not have time to monitor all the postings, nor check on the links in the postings.  She mentioned that Ken Hill had volunteered to monitor last spring.  After she described the responsibilities which are not onerous, the Board felt that she should check with Ken to see if he is continuing to monitor.  

Winding Down 

Dave pointed out that Arkadaşlar is 25 years old, and no one is getting younger.  He would like us to discuss winding down --  perhaps a conscious scaling back.  We need to think about what we want to do.  He suggested that we can talk about it at our next meeting   

Peggy thought that we were doing pretty well, and that there is no need to scale back until no one is left except Linda and Sandy.  Mike felt that the reunions and projects are increasingly interesting, but  we can put it on the agenda.  We’re not there yet; we’re doing more and aspiring to do more. We try to be involved and stay connected. 

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, May 14.

Notes taken by Sandy Anderson

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