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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
January 13, 2010

In attendance:  Sandy Anderson, Allan Gall, Peggy Hanson, Ken and Winnie Hill, Mike Jewell, Valerie Olson, Linda Scheffer, Dave Weinman, and John Wintrol,  

Election of Board Members and Officers
The following were approved unanimously to continue serving on the Board for through 2012:
       Allan Gall
       Mike Jewell
       Ken Hill 

Mike was approved unanimously to continue serving as president

Treasurer’s Report
In 2009 we had 395 dues-paying members, among whom 138 contributed an additional $4,465 for projects in Turkey. 

We had 63 people attend the local Bayram Dinner.  Ken and Winnie won two bottles of wine.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted with gratitude expressed to Linda for preparing it. 

Board Meetings
We discussed having meetings at lunch time.  We would need to check with Elliot who is working.

Ken explained that there is no repository that will take all three:  digital records, printed articles, and actual artifacts.  The Kennedy Library takes physical artifacts related to Kennedy only.  The Peace Corps only takes digital records. 

The NPCA had a summer intern who found:

         Libraries or universities will expect monetary donations over a long period of time.
         American University has an existing Archive; we can contact them.
         The JFK collection in Boston will take documents, but they must be materials written during the time of service.

Sandy is to contact American University to see what they accept, and to call Heath Lowry, Kevin McCarthy and Justin McCarthy for their insights and suggestions.

Arkadaslar needs to decide if it’s willing to sustain an archive over time.  We would have to make a decision about whether this is more important than contributing to projects in Turkey.

Perhaps an article can be placed in Buralarda on this topic.

We need more information about costs and what’s required.

Peace Corps’ 50th and Our Global Reunion
The Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary will be celebrated September 22-26, 2011.  Currently on the committee are Mary Helen, Linda and Sandy.  Sandy is to contact NPCA and Mary Helen about hotels.

In an earlier Global Reunion we had t-shirts, photo books, and a meeting of the whole with round tables.  Perhaps the hotel where we reserve rooms will provide a large conference room. 

Someone needs to contact the embassy.

At our next meeting we’re asked to think about what activities we want.

Projects in Turkey
This topic caused a bit of discussion because some members felt that we had decided the issue of adding new projects several times over.  It was pointed out that while we had agreed to fund our six current projects, the Board also asked to be told what was on the Web now, and said it would look at HasNa later. 

We decided to stick with the current six projects; although we can advertise the others on the web.  If additional money is available, then we’ll consider the three additional projects (Bridges of Hope, HasNa and Bridges to Turkey) and ask them to make a presentation.

A member commented that giving some people a priority isn’t fair.  We can know the budget ahead of the next meeting.  Could we invite them to present in April?  It was suggested that someone on the Board could advocate for each project.  Then it was pointed out that funding new projects means taking money from the projects we have.

We agreed that if we have excess money after the April (budget) meeting, we can invite projects to make a presentation. 

Earthquake in Haiti
We had a discussion about helping any Peace Corps program in Haiti where the earthquake has just occurred.   

Advertising on the Web
An advertiser had approached Arkadaslar asking if a two-word ad could be placed on the web near items relating to the Bayram Dinner in Wisconsin.  The Board declared it does not support any advertising.

New Ambassador
The new Turkish Ambassador is Namık Tan.  Mike will write the letter of welcome.  Dave and Ken visited the former new ambassador last time and took the letter with them. 

The newsletter is planned to be sent out by the end of the month.  Members are asked to put out tentacles for people with interesting stories.

The story of Turkey – 1’s in-country training at Gazi E
ğitim İnstitusu was mentioned along with the copse in Maine donated by Joanne Omang and others.

Dave declared that the last issue of Buralarda was the best ever, and offered accolades to Peggy and Steve.  The Board concurred.

Peggy noted that Sandy is holding us together, and Sandy stressed that everything is done along with Linda and Ellie.  It’s a whole publication team.

For obituaries in Buralarda, we only publish name, spouse, group, site in Turkey, profession, family information and location in the US. 

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 13, 1:00.*

*(however on the way out the door some of us discussed meeting on a Friday so we could have döner kebab.  Mike is going to check on it and get back to us.  We were also concerned about Elliot who is still working.)



Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Anderson




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