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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
January 18, 2006

In attendance:  Sandy Anderson, Allan Gall, Peggy Hanson, Ken Hill , Mike & Judie Jerald, Valerie Olson, Linda Scheffer, and Dave Weinman

 Budget for 2006

In a prolonged discussion, we decided to determine an overall amount to be budgeted for contributions, $5,000 for example, and then we decide how we will distribute that among organizations we support. Accordingly, when people send in funds in addition to their dues earmarked for contributions, those moneys will be used to make up the proposed Arkadaslar contribution amount. 

We looked at the projected balance at the end of 2006, which was $10,521.33, and felt that that was a large amount to sit on.    We agreed that we would rather support a few projects significantly, rather than a lot of projects cheaply. 

Sandy pointed out that we operate at a deficit each year of about $3,000 and that our projected cash losses for 2006 (income minus expenses) are $6,600.   Ken wanted to know why we were carrying such a balance each year if we were operating at deficit.   Possible reasons could be profits made at Bayram Dinners and the Reunion, but they couldn’t account for the full amount. 

The concern was that if we operate at a deficit each year, although we have a positive balance, we shouldn’t be rash and give a large contribution to a group and then have to pull the funds back at a later year. 

The directory is estimated to cost $6,000, and is amortized over three years.  We noted that $4,000 has accumulated from previous years. This is a directory year.  We do have more members pay dues during a directory year.  We will receive fewer dues in 2007 and 2008 because a directory will not be published. 

New Board Members 

We agreed that we’d like “new blood” among the Board Members.  Names mentioned were Frank Dumheller, Kathy Scruggs, Warren Pritchard, Joan Grant, Pat Fesci, Jill Diskan, Joanne Omang, Jerry & Marianne Leach, Mary Helen Madden, and Joan Weeks. 

There was agreement that the members should be able to attend meetings.

Peace Corps 45th Anniversary, September 15-16

Different idea/issues were raised for the Anniversary next fall: 
bulletBaseball caps
bulletContact person for NPCA
bulletSpeakers on Turkey for Special Sessions
bulletBreak-out Groups for our Turkey Groups
bulletA booth

Tales from the Expat Harem
The editors of this anthology have asked to introduce our group to their new book about the experiences of foreign women encountering Turkish culture.  We thought they might be more interested in a book signing or something, and we could provide the coffee.  Susan Holm (T-13) has a piece in the book.  Dave offered to call them. 

It appears to be a fairly simple process to allow members to use PayPal to pay their dues.  There would be a slight charge, perhaps 2.9%.  We decided, however, that the convenience probably would not increase the number of people who pay dues, and many of our members do not use that much technology.  We decided not to. 

Sending Dues Notices using US Postal Service
Our last dues letter was sent out using the US Postal Service – the USPS prints the dues letters, stuffs the envelopes, and sends them to the addresses provided by our data base.  This process saved us money.

Next Meeting: Atillas on Thursday, March 16 at Atillas, 6:00 to socialize, 6:30 to meet.

Notes taken by Sandy Anderson

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