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Cover of Turkey-13 Bio Book  (see News of Groups below bayram dinner information)

Bayram Dinners:  It's almost that time of year again when we gather at various locations around the US to celebrate Cumhuriyet Bayram and each other's company.  Plans are to hold dinners in the states or areas listed below but those plans have not been finalized for many of the Bayram Dinners.  To receive the latest updates and contacts for each dinner, contact Sandy Anderson at 410-586-3090, or at TurkeyDost@aol.com.

MAINE/NEW HAMPSHIRE: TBD – To be determined. 


NEW YORK CITY: TBD – To be determined. 

WASHINGTON, DC: Sunday, November 2, 5:30-8:00, at Kazan Restaurant, 6813 Redmond Drive, McLean, VA, 703-734-1960. $50. Contact Linda Scheffer. 


FLORIDA: Saturday, October 25 or Sunday, November 2, 12:30 at the Bosphorus Restaurant, 108 South Park Ave., Winter Park, 407-644-8609. Contact  Paul Kirwan or Lynda Özgür. 

WISCONSIN: Date to be determined.  Meet 5:30 at the Whitesel’s home, then group will move to Olivia Restaurant, 751 N. Highpoint Road, Madison, 608-831-7776.  Please contact Russ and Liz Whitesel or Ephraim Frankel.  

OHIO: TBD – To be determined. 

KANSAS: Saturday, October 26, Time to be Determined. Potluck at the home of Susan (McHenry) Holm and 
David Wexler. Contact Susan Holm.
WASHINGTON:  Saturday, October 25, 4:00, potluck at the home of Dale & Ruth Hultengren, Please RSVP. 
Contact  Dale & Ruth Hultengren. 


News of Groups
Turkey-13's Bio Book

As you've read in Buralarda, the Turkey-13's put together a beautiful bio book with write-ups from each of their members.  We're providing examples from their book in hopes that other groups will decide to do something similar.
     Linda Harris Budan
     Ed Klinger
     Ann Boylston Violi

Turkey-5s celebrated 50 years since they entered training at the Experiment in International Living in Brattleboro, VT.   July 16-17, 2014.  Report to follow.

Turkey-1s held a reunion in Maine.  See report in Septembr Buralarda.

NPCA Annual Meeting Report, June 20-22, 2014  from Jack Barkenbus (T-13)

Arkadaşlar recognized for donation to Soma Coal Mining Disaster victims' families

Invitation to training brochure for Peace Corps Turkey for Turkey-8s.


"The Arkadaşlar Postal  Service - Membership Directory Unit"

Work party for mailing out our beautiful new 2013 Arkadaşlar directory.  Pictured from left to right: Lynn Maichle (T-16), Tom and Kathy Waljeski Kral (both T-4), Amca Dave Weinman, and Linda Scheffer (T-8).  Not pictured but also part of work party was Ken Hill (T-9).

Many thanks to Sandy Comstock Anderson (T-13), Linda Scheffer (T-8), Lynn Maichle (T-16),and Rae Jean Sielen of Populore Publishing (wife of Ken St. Louis (T-10)) who produced this superb directory.

This directory is the largest we have produced, with more than 144 pages, a collection of 115 of our very best photos, and 18 wonderful stories written by members about their experiences in Turkey. Another classic photo from Dick Janzig adorns the front cover.  Yours for only the $25 membership fee!

Note: We're starting to collect stories and photos for the next directory in three years.  You can begin sending those to Sandy Anderson: TurkeyDost@aol.com.

More photos

Recently obtained Obituaries:

  Terry Nichols (T-1) passd away July 17, 2014
  Gene Paslov (T-2) passed away June 8, 2014
Cem Alptekin (PC Training Staff) passed away April 24, 2014
Louis Currier (T-8) passd away March 8, 2014
Charlotte Ann (Miller) Jirousek (T-5) passed away suddenly on Feb. 12, 2014
James J. Hogan (T-2) passed away
January 25, 2014
Walter Salmen (T-1 and Staff) passed away Dec. 17, 2013

   Featured Book with stories from thirteen Turkey RPCVs:

A Small Key Opens Big Doors is a collection of 50 years of stories of the Peace Corps in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, regions with the distinction of having both the oldest and youngest programs in Peace Corps history. Turkey is well represented among the stories.

More information

Memories of Turkey

Hearing about JFK's assassination: 

 Texas Tower Massacre and other memories of the shooter during T-13's training in Austin.

More memories


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Arkadaslar is a network of 1200 people who served as Peace Corps Volunteers or staff in Turkey between 1962 and 1970 and other friends of Turkey.  Arkadaslar is committed to maintaining the network and fostering continued ties among our Turkish friends, ourselves, and our international communities.

Our membership is open to all former Turkey Peace Corps Volunteers and to all friends of Turkey.
Moved?  New e-mail address?   Please let us know your new contact information.

A new 2013 directory was  mailed to all members in early Novembr 2013. 

Board Meetings

Next Meeting:
Tues., Feb. 24, 2015
6:30 pm
   Atilla's Restaurant Columbia Pike

Peace Corps recruiting poster from the late 60's or early 70's designed by Gary Jameson (T-9).

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