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2016 REUNION:  Sept. 22-25, 2016 in Washington, DC

COME TO THE REUNION Sept. 22-25, 2016 in Washington, DC.  Don’t miss this opportunity to re-unite and celebrate!!  How many more times will we have this opportunity!!!!????

The Reunion HQ will be the Virginian Suites Hotel (as last reunion).  1500 Arlington Blvd, Arlington, VA  www.virginiansuites.co /‎ 

The tentative Reunion schedule follows:  It will be fleshed out and finalized over the next couple months.

Thursday, Sept. 22: Arrival and registration @ Virginian Suites Hotel.

Friday, Sept. 23:
Daytime: NPCA events, possible meetings for us, or meeting in groups
Evening: Possible reception at Turkish Embassy or Ambassador's residence

Saturday, Sept. 24:
Daytime: Plenary Session - speakers, discussions, food, etc.
Evening: Dinner @ Turkish restaurants by Group (some with 2-3 groups together)

Sunday, Sept. 25:
Morning: Parade of Flags from Kennedy Eternal Flame to Lincoln Memorial with other PC groups
Noon: ATA/DC Turkish Festival, likely near Pennsylvania Avenue in the District

Our reunion coincides with the Peace Corps Connect event of the National Peace Corps Association, www.peacecorpsconnect.org/. We will march alongside other Peace Corps groups on Sunday morning.  


Arrangements have been made with Virginian Suites Hotel (thanks to Linda Scheffer!).   We will enjoy discounted rates and use of conference rooms:


Please share this information with our fellow Arkadaslar and encourage them to commit to attend the reunion and make reservations as needed – SOON!

Please let your group coordinator know that you'll be coming or let Sandy Anderson know: turkeydost@aol.com 

Bayram Dinners - 2015  We have posted the photos we have so far.  Please send in photos and reports of your Bayram dinner.  Thanks.

Setting up for the Washington DC area Bayram Dinner


Cover of Turkey-13 Bio Book 

News of Groups and More
Kent Haruf's final book published posthumously

From Sandy Anderson: "Kent Haruf, T-8, was a good writer, and recognized author.  I've compared him to Faulkner in terms of his feelings for and insight into his community.  Others see Willa Cather (My Antonia). His language is straight-forward within space, much like life on the Great Plains in the north-eastern corner of Colorado.  Kent died last fall, and they have recently printed an unpublished book of his, Our Souls at Night.  This book review is at the Washington Post, and I copied the photo also from the Post."

Turkey-13's Bio Book
As you've read in Buralarda, the Turkey-13's put together a beautiful bio book with write-ups from each of their members.  We're providing examples from their book in hopes that other groups will decide to do something similar.
     Linda Harris Budan
     Ed Klinger
     Ann Boylston Violi


Arkadaşlar recognized for donation to Soma Coal Mining Disaster victims' families

Invitation to training brochure for Peace Corps Turkey for Turkey-8s.

Recently obtained Obituaries:

  Gene Zajac (T-13)  passed away April 27, 2016
  Jack Sharpe (T-4) passed away March 3, 2016
  Patrick J. Fitch (T-9) passed away Jan. 17, 2016
  Catherine Broer (T-17) passed away Feb 4, 2015
  Estes Lockhart (T-17) passed away June 19, 2005Stacy Rockwood (T-6) passed away Sept. 23, 2015
Linda Latt Broslow (T-1) passed away July 2, 2015
Tarry Davis (T-13) passed away August 31, 2015
John Gallivan (T-2) passed away August 25, 2015
Fred Bueche (T-4) passed away April 17, 2015
Fred Thompson (T-15) died February 6, 2015 in a canoeing accident


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Arkadaslar is a network of 1200 people who served as Peace Corps Volunteers or staff in Turkey between 1962 and 1970 and other friends of Turkey.  Arkadaslar is committed to maintaining the network and fostering continued ties among our Turkish friends, ourselves, and our international communities.

Our membership is open to all former Turkey Peace Corps Volunteers and to all friends of Turkey.
Moved?  New e-mail address?   Please let us know your new contact information.

A new 2013 directory was  mailed to all members in early Novembr 2013. 

Board Meetings

Next Meeting:
May 10, 2016
6:30 pm
   Atilla's Restaurant Columbia Pike

Peace Corps recruiting poster from the late 60's or early 70's designed by Gary Jameson (T-9).

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