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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
February 12, 2008

In attendance:  Allen Gall, Dave Weinman, Ken Hill, Mary Helen Madden, Linda Scheffer,  and Sandy Anderson

The terms of three Board Members ended in 2007:  Sandy Anderson, Marcia Gnuse and Valerie Olson.    We’re assuming all three will continue on the Board but Dave will check with each.  He will also try to find a new member since we have 7 other returning members, and would like to maintain a total of 11 Board Members.

Sandy will email Dave and other Board Members a list of members in the Washington area.

We are lacking a quorum so no votes were taken.

Organizational Purpose
We discussed whether Arkadaslar should be doing more.  It is possible we’re not proactive enough.  That led to the question of being active doing what?  We are supporting Turkey and follow issues in Congress.  We’re not strongly political because some members might object.

We keep PCVs connected to each other.  Other PC groups envy how well we’ve stayed together.  We are maintaining a connected community.  One of the reasons we mail Buralarda is to keep people in touch. And we’re supporting good projects in Turkey.

Another question was how much time are people willing to put in?  Similar to NPCA, we are an alumni association with a purpose to support the Peace Corps.

Most people are just happy to be connected.  We’ve been good at keeping the spirit.

We decided we were collectively comfortable with what we’re doing.  We also noted the donations (below) people are making.

Treasurer’s Report 

We have 299 members.
We have given $11,000 in the past to projects.
110 persons contributed $3,755 for our projects. 

Global Reunion
We’ll have the Global Reunion in 2011 in conjunction with the Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary.

We’ll need to send out announcements, set aside hotel rooms, and organize by groups.

We should also send out a survey to people interested in a reunion in Turkey in 2009.

Peace Corps’ 50th Anniversary Celebration
NPCA is not taking the lead.  Jodie Olson at Peace Corps is organizing a lot.

·         Event on the mall

·         Gala

·         Staff reunion – being organized by Ken

·         Events around the country, and events in the countries of service

 In Washington, DC, the celebration will be September 22-25, 2011 on the mall.  However events around the country and world will take place all year long. 

Wine and Cheese Party
We discussed other ways to get together socially.  Mary Helen is going to host a wine and cheese party in her complex this summer.  We can show the Shriver movie to everyone.  We expect about 40 people.

Getting Together Socially 
We felt that we should consider getting together regularly, but to do so, we would need a speaker or something each time – something to serve as a hook.  Café Divan on Wisconsin Avenue has a separate room.  There is also Levantés on 19th Street, on a weeknight.  But there is only garage parking, and most of our people don’t use Metro.  Ken and Dave will check it out.  Maybe we can all get together at one of these locations this spring.

Atatürk Society
Bülent Atalay sent a letter to Ken Hill and John Wintrol.  The Ataturk Society wants to meet on November 10, 2008, and would like to have us organize an event.  He suggested that we provide the location, and they provide the finger food.  They will give Gorbachev a medal.  We felt that this type of action was politically sensitive at this time.

Listserv Posting
Some concern was expressed about a posting promoting one travel guide on the listserv.  Dave will speak to the person who posted.

Notes taken by Sandy Anderson






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