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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Feb 2,
Atilla's  Restaurant, Arlington

In attendance: Dave Weinman, Marcia Gnuse, Sandy Anderson, Sandy Pfunder, Linda Scheffer, Ken Hill and John Wintrol

Election of Board Members
The new board member, Valerie Olson, and returning members, Marcia Gnuse and Sandy Anderson were elected unanimously.

Strategic Plan
The vision for Arkadaşlar and items to be included in the proposed survey of members were discussed. Issues of interest were:

bullet How can we enhance and expand our potential activities.
bullet What suggestions do members have for the listserv and website?
bullet What value does Arkadaşlar give to dues-paying members? Currently what they uniquely receive is the Directory. We get an increase of 75 or more persons paying dues during the years the Directory is produced.
bullet Can technology help make services available on a password basis?
bullet Will members be interested in buying a book of our stories from Turkey?

We would like to conduct an outreach program to find more people. We can use networking to find our missing members. We can ask persons via email to help in finding our missing persons and publish the missing list on the listserv.

As people get older and retire, they have more time and interest and want to participate more.

When the database was initially formed, members of “Arkadaşlar” were defined as those person who went over to Turkey. We have always welcomed anyone who wants to join.

Use of the Listserv
We discussed whether people can put solicitations on the listserv, or whether they should have the approval of the Board. One concern was that of enforcement: Currently, there are no controls on the information posted. We felt that banning solicitations without approval was a policy issue, not a policing one. We agreed that solicitations must be approved by the Board in advance of posting, and that this policy decision should be sent to the listserv members.

We had been asked to support a project to provide English literature books for high school students at Koç High School in an after-school program. After general discussion, there was a concern that these students may not be economically in need. We decided not to support the project as Arkadaşlar. We did support the idea of posting a request on the listserv.

Publication of our Stories
A feasible way of publishing our stories has not yet been found. The per item cost is $60 for 200, and $35 for 600. Some feel that people won’t buy it for $35.

It was recommended that we develop an Annual Budget before we send out any more donations.

Arkadaşlar Board Leadership
Dave, our Amca, expressed his anger that we have been without a president since last year. The Board can consider rotating the Presidency. He pointed out that the presidency has always rotated between male and female. The reason we don’t recommend appointing a person who has been president before, is that new presidents bring an infusion of new ideas. It is the Board’s responsibility to face this issue.

Next Meeting: Atilla's on Wednesday, April 20 at 6:30.


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