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Arkadaslar Board meeting
February 20, 2002

at Atilla's

Present at the meeting were Marcia Gnuse (T-13), Sandy Anderson (T-13), Ken Hill (T-9), Linda Scheffer (T-8), Dave Weinman (Amca), John Wintrol (T-2), Peggy (Gall) Hanson (T-1).

We did not quite have quorum for business, so Board Members who couldn't make it were phoned after the meeting and endorsed the decisions below.  These additional votes provided the quorum.

Buralarda  The fine work of Marcia Gnuse in preparing the recent edition of Buralarda was recognized.

Treasurer's Report   Linda Scheffer, treasurer, reported that we have a balance of about $8,000.  This is higher than usual because last year we only contributed $400, as the first of a five-year commitment to a young woman student in Turkey.  We had also contributed $5,000 to four young men to be spent over the four years of their educations.  This money came from funds donated by members toward earthquake victims.

The Board voted to maintain earlier contributions, given below, and to add $600 to support additional Turkish students for their university studies.  Contributions approved were:

$1,500 to the Sevinc Abla School in Adana for Special Education students.  They have dedicated one room to Arkadaslar and provide work-sustaining skills to young men and women.

$750 to purchase beehives for small farmers in Eastern Turkey to supplement their family incomes.  These funds are guided by the Development Foundation of Turkey.

$500 for the C. Erik Olson memorial wing at Haceteppe Hospital.  The check will be presented by our group that is traveling to Turkey this summer.

$400 as part of the continuing commitment to the young woman student.

Anticipated costs for the coming year are $1400 for two editions of Buralarda, and about $400 in operating costs (dues letter, office supplies, etc.)  We don't know the possible costs connected with the 40+ reunion or reception for the Turkish ambassador.

That will leave some cushion, and allow us to also take suggestions from members for a contribution of greater concentrated impact.

New Web Site  Ellie LeBaron (T-15) has designed an Arkadaslar web page that looks great!  We had several options in setting up our site, such as piggy-backing on her web site but we won't have our own domain name; paying about $35 to a place that will give us our own domain name, but will flash advertisements in the corner; or paying about $96 a year for our own domain name and ad-free space.  The board approved having our own site without the advertising.

Turkish Ambassador Logoglu  He trained the Turkey-8's at Princeton, and perhaps some other groups.  We would like to sponsor a reception for him in April.  Dave Weinman will meet with him in March for an introductory interview, and see if the reception can be arranged.  It was suggested that we might be able to get a room in a House of Representatives reception room, with catering.  All local Arkadaslar and anyone else who can make it will be encouraged to come.

Peace Corps 40+ Reunion  The rescheduled reunion is on for June 20 - 23.  The basic schedule is:
Thursday, June 20:  Advocacy Day - meet your congressmen.

Friday, June 21:  Bazaar, Opening ceremonies, workshops.  

We would like to have afternoon check-in at the office of the Assembly of  Turkish-American-Associations, as arranged for last fall.

Friday Evening - Each of our Turkey Groups will meet at a restaurant arranged by the group coordinator.  Everyone, whether they are coming or not, should send a recent picture and half-page bio to their coordinator who will arrange for updated mug books to be made for members in their group.

Saturday, June 22:  Morning Bazaar, multi-cultural event, volunteer day in the community.

Saturday afternoon:  Arkadaslar meeting for everyone.  Peggy Hanson will coordinate the speakers with the possible help of Judie Jerald (T-8).

Saturday evening:  We plan to have a nice dinner/reception for all of us together.

Sunday, June 23:  Ceremony crossing the Memorial Bridge on the Potomac bearing the Turkish flag to Arlington National Cemetery.

Nomination of Ken Hill to NPCA  The Board voted to support the nomination of Ken Hill as the representative to the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) for the region of Central Asia and Eastern Europe.  This is the region Turkey is in.  Ken has been Peace Corps director in Bulgaria and Vladivostok, besides being a T-9, so he's really well qualified.  

New President  Sue Bayley was elected the new Arkadaslar President.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 18, 6:00 at the Anatolia Restaurant in D.C.  All members of Arkadaslar are encouraged to attend.