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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Dec 8, 2004
Atilla's  Restaurant, Arlington

In attendance:  Sandy Pfunder, Ken Hill, Sandy Anderson, Linda Scheffer, Judie Jerald, Marcia Gnuse, Dave Weinman, Peggy Hanson and John Wintrol

Publication of Memories
Results from our investigations on publishing resulted in the Kennedy Library reportedly being interested, but we decided against that option. Peace Corps Writers suggested that we publish them ourselves or publish them electronically. We estimate 300 pages, donít want a fancy publication, and think the cost should be kept at $25-30. Six out of seven at the meeting said they would buy a copy.

Treasurerís Report
Mustafa Soykan has another student who would need $400/year to attend university. We are supporting 2 students now who are in their 2nd year. We voted to support the new student. (Itís a 4-year commitment.)

Anatolian Artisans is an NGO in both the USA and Turkey with a focus on women in the Southeast. Anatolian Artisans provides training and helps the women to become economically self-sufficient. We would like an Annual Report showing how moneys are disbursed and a request.

We discussed looking at our criteria for contributions, and what goals we intend to accomplish. What is our role and function, especially since people canít get tax credit, yet we are requesting funds for contributions. Could we just direct ways for people to make contributions?

Sending funds to a variety of organizations is kind of a Peace Corps approach, but we should make this clear to members. We do currently have a balance of contributions over a set of activities.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting
Current counts from the database show that we have:

1429  The number of names of persons/couples that we have
749  The number of addresses that we have
493  The number of email addresses that we have
268  The number of persons on the listserv

We may be catching a wave of retirees with time and resources. We could provide access to activities for them. We could try to have more interactive things on the listserv. We could have responses to Turkish books, movies, folklore, etc. We could be a clearinghouse.

We are centered in Washington, DC, but people outside DC do contribute. There are the Bayram dinner, and the coming reunion in Portland. People outside Washington count on us to keep things together. They appreciate what we can do, but this puts more on us. Could we become more national and use technology? We should think about where we will be in 10 years. (A Bodrum retirement home).

Shipping Books for English Students in Turkey
We had received a request to help provide specific books from English literature for Turkish high school students to use in an after-school program. Questions were asked about who the audience is, and what their economic status is.

Portland Reunion
The Board agreed to pay the mailing and printing costs to announce the reunion that is being organized by Jim Healey for Portland, OR for June 16-19.

Dues Letter, and Buralarda
Sandy, Linda and Marcia will prepare and send out the Dues Letter.

Next Meeting: Atillas on January 19, 2004. There will be an election of officers.


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