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Art: Because we have so many artists and authors among us, we're separating the Art category and putting it on a separate page.  We hope to add our professional photographers to the mix very soon.

Turkey-related non-fiction:

Alisbah, Tara (FOT)
Turkish Hands: Gesturing Your Way Home; a Hand Guide to Turkey  In addition to photographs of the gestures that you will see wherever you look in Turkey, Alisbah includes Turkish expressions that usually accompany the gesture, an English translation, and brief explanations about where and when you are most likely to encounter each gesture. 

Body language in Turkey has very specific meanings, which are essential to understanding Turkish character and culture. Using physical gestures to express oneself in a new language is also the quickest way to removing imagined barriers to communication, both for visitors and locals. Although not an exhaustive list (a book two is in the works), this light and very packable 80-page text includes many of the most useful and common gestures so that you will know, for example, when someone is trying to warn you to beware of pick-pockets or offering you something to drink or simply saying “no”.
Available for $15.99 and an Ebook version for $5.99. For copies, please visit: www.TurkishHands.com.

Lowry, Heath W. (T-5)
An Ongoing Affair--Turkey and I
This new book by Rural Community Development volunteer should bring back lots of memories of village life in the mid-1960's.  It describes Heath's two-year stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the village of Bereketli in Balikesir province. Lowry presents a series of candid vignettes of highlights and tragedies of his time in Bereketli, a village he comes to love.

The book is available through
www.nettleberry.com  which is the US distributor for Citlembik Publications in Istanbul.  Printed in: English | 1st edition: August 2008 | ISBN: 9789944424530 |

McCarthy, Kevin (T-2)
Antioch on the Orontes: An Illustrated History
It is 280 printed pages with a photo on almost every page. It is available from amazon.com for just $15.95.

Nadolski, Dora Glidewell (T-1)
 The Etatist Turkish Republic and Its Political and Socio-Economic Performance from 1980-1999:  A Developing State Impacted by International Organizations and Interdependence 

This book explores the impact of exogenous forces on the political and socio-economic institutions prior to, during, and after etatism (state controlled enterprises) in the parliamentary Republic of Turkey.  After 1980, Turkey has continued to concentrate on political, economic, and social reforms recommended by the OECD, the World Bank, and the EU.

The major conclusions are:  that interdependence and pluralism explain Turkey's status in the global system of competitive states; that joining international organizations has improved Turkey's institutions; and that Turkey's political institutions comply with World Bank criteria for effective government.

The prepublication orders can be placed by calling 1-800-462-6420, and use the promotion code
UPREPUB, http://www.univpress.com/ISBN/9780761839736. Cost is $25.

Olson, Julie (T-5) 
To Make a Difference: A Peace Corps Memoir - Turkey 1964-66.
Julie's stories of friendship, hospitality, and human nature from her handwritten journals of her time as a PCV in Turkey.  Available on Amazon.com


Olson, Robert (T-2)
Blood, Beliefs and Ballots about the management of Kurdish Nationalism  in Turkey, 2007-2009
This book analyzes and describes the instruments used by the Turkish state to manage Kurdish nationalism during 2007 to 2009 and the response of Kurds and the PKK and DTP to this state management.  The book was published in Sept. 2009.  Available on Amazon.com.

Pfunder, Malcolm (T-9)
Village in the Meadows  
From Malcolm (Sandy) Pfunder:  Many of you will recall from a couple of years ago our extended swapping of tales from our Peace Corps experiences in Turkey.  A number of people urged me to take my recollections from that time and put them together into a book.  I've done that, and
Çitlembik Publications in Istanbul has just released it.  I'd like to tell you that your local Borders or Barnes & Noble, or even Amazon.com, carries it, but they don't yet (we're working on that).  For now, however, it's available online through www.nettleberry.com  at a price of $9.00 per copy (plus $3.00 postage). The book is called "Village in the Meadows," which is the translation of the name of the village where Allen Neill Schauffler and I lived from 1965 to 1967.  The book also describes my impressions from re-visiting my village in 1975, 1999, 2002 and 2004 and has 32 of my photographs from the mid-1960's and my later return visits.

Turkey RPCVs and others.  The book collecting stories from Eurasia Volunteers from the past 50 years has just been published.  Turkey is well represented among the stories. 

A Small Key Opens Big Doors is a collection of 50 years of stories of the Peace Corps in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, regions with the distinction of having both the oldest and youngest programs in Peace Corps history. Blocked by the Iron Curtain, the first programs sent Volunteers to the front of the Cold War, to countries like Turkey and Iran. With the fall of the Soviet Union 30 years later, Volunteers began serving in lands once ruled by Genghis Khan and Joseph Stalin, living in yurts in Mongolia and khrushchyovkas in Ukraine. In these places, Volunteers learned that no matter how the winds of international politics blew, they and those they served were not so different after all. The people – once consider
ed enemies – all love, laugh, and cry the same as we do. Saying “I was there” is a testament to resilience, frustration and – ultimately – understanding.

This stirring collection of stories – third in a series of four – allows readers to feel the extraordinary power of America’s grassroots peace offering. 

The stories written by our Turkey volunteers are: 

Part I:  One our Way … and Back Again 
Peace Corps Expectations” by Diana J. LaViolette, (T-17)
“After Thirty-Seven Years” by Barbara Bryan (T-13)
“Images of Turkey” by Richard Schwartz (T-08, deceased)

Part II:  Why are We Here?
“The Motherland” by James McHenry (T-13)
“My Picture on a Plate” by George T. Park (T-01)

Part III:  Getting Through the Days
“Visit to Karkamish” by Sandra Lee Anderson (T-13)
“The Eastern Regional” by Jordan M. Scepanski (T-04)
“Trip to Akjakent” by Maranee Sanders (T-03)
“Thanksgiving in Turkey” by Joan Hammer Grant (T-01)
“Homecoming” by Susan Fleming Holm (T-13)

Part IV:  Close Encounters
“Cowards Die a Thousand Deaths” by Peggy Hanson (T-01)
“A Camel’s Revenge” by Bonnie Landes Pura (T-05)

Part V:  Sustainable Peace
“The Power of Tradition – The Peril of Exclusion” by Martin B. Tracy (T-08)

Stories are also from: Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.  Book available at Amazon.

Taylor, Gordon (T-8)
Fever and Thirst:  Dr. Grant and the Christian Tribes of Kurdistan
The first Americans in the Middle East were teachers, printers, and missionaries, and one was a country doctor from upstate New York. In June 1835 Asahel Grant, M.D., sailed from Boston with his bride Judith to heal the sick and save the world. Their destination: the town of Urmia, in northwest Iran. Their intended flock: the Nestorian Christians who lived there and in the mountains of Hakkari, across the border in Turkish Kurdistan.

Into the next eight years Grant packed ten lifetimes’ worth of danger, traversing deserts and glaciers, tending the sick, breaking bread with thieves and murderers, and narrowly escaping death from drowning, disease, and assassination. By 1840 he had lost Judith and two daughters to disease; yet by the time he died, at age 36, everyone in the mountains knew his name, and thirty years later Muslims, Christians, and Jews still spoke of "Hakim Grant" with reverence.

Grant was a walking contradiction: a saint who neglected his children; a missionary who "converted" only Christians; a doctor who poisoned himself with his own medicine; an apolitical man whose very existence bristled with political import. In 1841, amid this whirlwind life, he became a successful author with his book The Nestorians; or, The Lost Tribes. Grant is buried in Mosul, Iraq, where he died in 1844.   Available from amazon.com.

Brosnahan, Tom (T-15)
Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea  (ISBN 0-9767531-0-3, 304 pages, US$15.95).  New humorous travel memoir, tells how Tom got involved with Turkey in the first place (as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in the 1960s), how he became a travel writer, and what it's like to be one (best job in the world?)  It's not just personal adventures. Tom wrote it to include a lot of background information on Turkey and the Turks so that it would be good airplane and end-of-the-day reading for anyone going to, or traveling in Turkey. It also makes a good gift for anyone taking a trip to Turkey.  Can be purchased from your local bookstore, amazon.comReview by Sandy Pfunder

Lonely Planet Istanbul (2nd Ed) Paperback - 192 pages  (April 1999) List Price: $14.95

Lonely Planet Turkey: A Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit;  (with Pat Yale)

Lonely Planet Turkey : A Lonely Planet Travel Atlas (ATLAS); Tom Brosnahan (Editor)  Available from amazon.com.

Tom also runs Turkey Travel Planner,  More details on the Art and Services page.

Holm, Susan McHenry  (T-13)

Susan has a piece published in The Expat Harem.   See more information about Susan and her contribution to the book at:
http://expat-harem.blogspot.com/2007/12/expat-harem-contributor-susan-holm-is.html.  Available for purchase on amazon.com.

Magnarella, Paul J (T-2)
(A selection of Magnarella's many works.  For more listings and to order, go to amazon.com

Anatolia's Loom: Studies in Turkish Culture, Society, Politics, and Law
  (Istanbul: Isis Press, 1998). Includes archeological research articles: "The People of Turkey's Eastern Black Sea Region" and "The Hemshin of Turkey: Yayla, a Pasture above the Clouds." The Hemshin are Muslim Armenians living in several Black Sea region villages.

Bir Koyun Seruveni. Turkiye'deki Gürcüler Arasında Gelenek, Goç, ve Değişim(A Village's Adventure: Tradition, Migration and Change among Georgians in Turkey, in Turkish).  Istanbul: Sinatle Press, 1997.

Human Materialism: A  Model of Sociocultural Systems and a Strategy  for Analysis.  University Press of Florida, 1993. (Contains chapters on Turkey)

The Peasant Venture: Tradition Migration and Change among Georgian Peasants in Turkey.  Boston: G.K. Hall/ Cambridge: Schenkman, 1979.

Tradition and Change in a Turkish Town.  Cambridge: Schenkman/N.Y.: John Wiley, 1974  (revised ed. Schenkman, 1981).
The Middle East and North Africa: Governance, Democratization, and Human Rights. A volume in the "Third World in Contemporary Perspectives Series."  England: Ashgate Publishing, 1999.  (Contains a chapter on Turkey).

McCarthy, Justin (T-15)
Death and Exile   The Ethnic Cleansing of Ottoman Muslims 1821 - 1922
Recounts the fate of millions of Muslims who were driven from the Balkan lands, the Middle East, southern Russia, and the Caucasus in the context of the imperialism, nationalism, and ethnic conflicts of the times.  Accounts of the expansion of the Russian Empire and the creation of new nations in the Balkans have traditionally been told from the standpoint of the nations that were carved from the Ottoman Empire.  Death and Exile tells those stories from the standpoint of the Turks and other Muslims who were caught up.  Professor McCarthy’s book also presents an important framework for understanding today’s disputes over what happened to Armenians in the Ottoman Empire during World War I.  Originally published in 1995,  Death and Exile is in its fifth printing.  It’s available through Amazon..  See also: http://www.darwinpress.com/Books/Death%20and%20Exile%20(978-0-87850-094-9)/main.html

The Turk in America   The Creation of an Enduring Prejudice          
Historian Justin McCarthy seeks to explain the historical basis for American prejudice towards Turks in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The volume focuses on fraudulent characterizations of Turks, mostly stemming from an antipathy in Europe and America toward non-Christians, and especially Muslims. Spanning one hundred and fifty years, this history explores the misinformation largely responsible for the negative stereotypes of Turks during this period. Available from the Univ. of Utah Press or from amazon.com.

Peirce, Leslie (T-4)
The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire.
  It's about how women of the Ottoman household (concubines and others) wielded a lot of power.  Available at amazon.com.

Morality Tales: Law and Gender in the Ottoman Court of Aintab. Life in 16th century Ainab (Gaziantep).
(review). Available from amazon.com.

Wilson, Angene & Jack                 
Voices from the Peace Corps: Fifty Years of Kentucky Volunteers published by the University of Kentucky Press, 2011?  Book is based on oral history interviews with 84 Kentucky RPCVs. It includes stories from three Turkey RPCVs. Martin Tracy (T-8) and his wife, Patsy Tracy (T-8) and Robert Olson (T-2) Available from amazon.com.

Other nonfiction:
Finn, Robert P (T-15)

Building State and Security in Afghanistan
.   Edited by Wolfgang Danspeckgruber with Robert P. Finn with contributions by President Hamid Karzai.  Published 2007 by Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Published 2007 by Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Paperback, 305 Pages, ISBN: 9780977354443, ISBN-10: 097735444X, List Price $24.95.  Available from amazon.com

Karey, Gerald (T-8)
  Unhinged: Reflections, Opinions, Humor, Reminiscences, an Occasional Rant, Reportage-A Random Chronicle of Our Times  In its metamorphosis from blog to book, this essay collection by former journalist Gerald Karey is something to savor. Reporting, ruminating, and sometimes ranting with insight and wit, Karey covers Colonial America and 1950s Brooklyn, the sins of the oil industry and getting older, the Civil War and World War II. The book is titled Unhinged, but the author has it very much together. He even includes an essay about Turkey-8's departure from the US and arrival in Istanbul, Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Kouzes, Jim (T-15)
Credibility: How Leaders Gain and Lose It, Why People Demand It (J-B Leadership Challenge)  by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2011)
Building on their research from The Leadership Challenge, James Kouzes and Barry Posner explore in Credibility why leadership is above all a relationship, with credibility as the cornerstone, and why leaders must "Say what you mean and mean what you say." This first full revision of the book since its initial publication in 1993 features new case studies from around the world, fully updated data and research, and a streamlined format.
is available from Amazon.com or direct from the publisher. You can learn more about it by visiting Jim and Barry's website, www.leadershipchallenge.com

The Leadership Challenge, Fourth Edition by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2007)
For more than 25 years, The Leadership Challenge has been the most trusted source on becoming a better leader, selling more than 2 million copies in over 20 languages since its first publication. Based on Kouzes and Posner's extensive research, this all-new edition casts their enduring work in context for today's world, proving how leadership is a relationship that must be nurtured, and most importantly, that it can be learned. Available in hardcover and paperback on Amazon.com or direct from the publisher. You can learn more about it by visiting Jim and Barry's website, www.leadershipchallenge.com .

A Leader's Legacy The Leadership Challenge, Fourth Edition by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2006)
In this provocative book, leadership experts and authors of the best-selling The Leadership Challenge, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner take on a unique challenge and explore the question of leadership and legacy. They examine in twenty-two chapters the critical questions all leaders must ask themselves in order to leave a lasting impact. These powerful essays are grouped into four categories: Significance, Relationships, Aspirations, and Courage. In each essay the authors consider a thorny and often ambiguous issue with which today’s leaders must grapple issues—such as how leaders serve and sacrifice, why leaders need loving critics, why leaders should want to be liked, why leaders can't take trust for granted, why it’s not just the leader’s vision, why failure is always an option, why it takes courage to “make a life,” how to liberate the leader in everyone, and ultimately, how the legacy you leave is the life you lead.

A Leader's Legacy
is available from amazon.com or direct from the publisher. Hardcover list price is $24.95. You can learn more about it by visiting Jim and Barry's website, www.leadershipchallenge.com .

LeBaron, Elinor (T-15)
Practical Tips for Walking "The Way," The Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Amazon Kindle (e-book only) 
Practical tips for making the 500-mile pilgrimage walk across northern Spain. The book includes advice on what to take, lodging, and food. Included are more than 130 color photos from the pilgrim's trail. The photos show the types of lodging, signs and maps, packs, trekking poles, terrain along the way, cathedrals, points of interest, and more. It is the book you should read BEFORE you go.

China! Practical Tips for Traveling the Silk Road
 Amazon Kindle (e-book only)
Practical tips for exploring the Silk Road in China, the ancient network of routes used by traders and travelers for centuries. This book gives you great advice on preparing for your trip to China, traveling inside China, lodging, dining, shopping, health, and points of interest on the Silk Road.
Over 100 color photos and maps. This is the book you should read BEFORE you go -- even if you aren't planning to see the Silk Road during your trip to China!

 Cambodia: Practical Tips for the Traveler.  Amazon Kindle (e-book only)
Practical tips for travelers exploring Cambodia, from Phnom Penh to the ancient temples of Angkor, a floating village, Buddhist temples, the Royal Palace complex and much more. Nearly 100 color photos and maps. Included, too, are useful notes on the culture and interesting things to see on your journey. This book gives you great advice on preparing for your trip to Cambodia, traveling inside Cambodia, lodging, dining, shopping, health, and points of interest. This is the book you should read BEFORE you go!

Also avalable from Amazon Kindle:
       Sri Lanka: Practical Tips for the Traveler
       Myanmar (Burma): Practical Tips for the Traveler
   Via Francigena: Practical Tips for Walking the "Italian Camino"
       Practical Tips for Hiking in Scotland

          Author page: www.amazon.com/Elinor-LeBaron/e/B00J3G6M4U

Magnarella, Paul J (T-2)
Justice in Africa: Rwanda’s Genocide, Its Courts, and the UN Criminal Tribunal.  Aldershot, England: Ashga
te Press, 2000. (Recipient of the Association of Third World Studies ‘Book of the Year 2000’ Award; also nominated for the Raphael Lemkin book award). The book describes the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) - the first international court created to try persons for genocide and violation the humanitarian law of non-international armed conflict. Available from Amazon.

Reggy, Mae Alice (T-2)
Christian Ethics: Notes from Paynesville, Liberia [paperback]  The book presents the fundamentals of Christian ethics from a contemporary cultural perspective. The author looks at what is happening in present-day Liberia and discusses how Christian ethics apply while placing strong emphasis on the authority of the Scriptures.



Schliff, Henry and Michal (T-16)

Meet Me at the Orange Blossom  A cookbook by the proprietors of the Orange Blossom Bakery in
Buxton, on Hatteras Island, North Carolina.  For copies of the cookbook, write to P.O. Box 250, Buxton, NC 27920 or order from Amazon.

Twice the Joy by Henry Schliff (Paperback - May 2008) Simple, Delicious Recipes for Healthful Living

Strane, Susan (T-10)

A Whole-Souled Woman: Prudence Crandall and the Education of Black Women
In 1833, Prudence Crandall opened the first private boarding school for black girls in New England. The village vigilantes resorted to violence and forced the school to close in 1834, whereupon Crandall "took to the prairie"--a dramatic story of one woman's incredible courage.  Available from alibris.com and from Amazon.


Finn, Robert (T-15), translator
by Nazli Eray.  Robert Finn's translation of Turkish author Nazli Eray's
Orphée makes available to the English-language reader a rewriting of the myth from the perspective of Eurydice, the wife of Orpheus. Eray's surrealistic version takes place in a hot resort town in contemporary Turkey. The setting of an archaeological dig gives a connection to the past and literally to the underworld. Found in the dig is a statue of the Roman emperor Hadrian, who proceeds to offer an unusual perspective on modern life and values through mysterious letters carried by a messenger pigeon. Eray also comments on modernity, as the city of Ankara emerges as a character in the novel's fantasy. Set in junta-ruled Turkey of the 1980s, the novel takes its place as a crucial slice of Turkish literary history.
ISBN: 978-0-292-71409-0, Available through Amazon.

Gall, Allan (T-1)
To Save an Empire: A Novel of Ottoman History
In 1877, when Russia attacks the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Abdülhamit II must fight a devastating war to preserve his ethnically diverse territories that stretch across three continents. At home, he feels threatened from within by Mithat Pasha, a respected reformer, who has popular support for a constitution that would curb the sultan's authority and give the people a voice in their government. Aware of these challenges, Abdülhamit's Belgian wife, Flora Cordier, hopes to remain his confidante and helpmate as he decides how to govern: the iron-fisted rule of his ancestors, the democracy proposed by Mithat, or the diplomacy that exposes his weakened military power. No matter his choice, he is responsible for the suffering of his people.
To Save an Empire explores the impact of religious and ethnic conflict in the Ottoman Empire of the late 19th century on the lives of ordinary people--Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Refugees flee atrocities that incite revenge, but also arouse charity and love. A story of love found and lost, of war and its consequences. Today's Balkans and Middle East emerge from the era's political forces of terrorism, imperialism, nationalism, and religion. It is a modern story.

Of Mouse and Magic.  This book is intended to be read to children as young as five and to be read by young readers of whatever age. The book is a classic yarn about life: birth and death, growing up, forging friendships and partnerships, developing judgment and tolerance, learning to love and to be loved. Adult readers, hopefully, will smile as they recognize their dog, their cat, their children, themselves, and recall events that have shaped them. Available from Amazon.

You can listen to an interview on

Hanson, Peggy (T-1)
Deadline Istanbul (The Elizabeth Darcy Series) 
Elizabeth Darcy is in the world's most intriguing city to cover for old friend and fellow correspondent Peter Franklin, found dead in the Bosphorus. She's convinced it wasn’t an accident. But uncovering secrets can be a dangerous business. Are spies involved? Criminals? Where does religion become politics, and vice versa? And who are those men following her.
This m
ystery set in Istanbul and contains descriptions that will bring back many memories to Arkadaslar members.  Available in paperback or e-book format from Amazon.

Deadline Yemen (The Elizabeth Darcy Series)   Called to Yemen to help her old friend Halima, correspondent Elizabeth Darcy combines work with the chance to repay an old debt. But the narrow, mysterious streets are populated with armed men and veiled women; who can tell friend from foe? Her first priority is to help Halima's young brother Ali, who has become involved with religious extremists. But murder dogs her footsteps, and she is under police surveillance.
This second book in the Elizabeth Darcy series of mysteriesis set in Yemen. Available from Amazon.

Haruf, Kent (T-8)

For a complete listing of Kent Haruf's books, go to amazon.com

Our Souls at Night  
Haruf's final novel, published posthumously.  See the Washington Post review:
http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/kent-harufs-posthumous-novel-offers-a-tender-look-at-love-in-the-twilight/2015/05/19/b3d17bf8-f8e5-11e4-9030-b4732caefe81_story.html  for more information. 

Note: A movie of the same title was made of this book starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.

Haruf's 2013 novel is a story of life and death, and the ties that bind, once again set out on the High Plains in Holt, Colorado. Available from Amazon.

Plainsong. The story of the McPheron brothers and life in a small prairie town of Holt, Colorado.  Holt is both the setting for and the psychological matrix of Haruf's beautifully executed  novel. Available from Amazon.

.  The author of Plainsong is back with Eventide, picking up the story of the
McPheron brothers. The aging McPheron brothers are learning to live without Victoria Roubideaux, the single mother they took in and who has now left their ranch to start college. A lonely young boy stoically cares for his grandfather while a disabled couple tries to protect their a violent relative. As these lives unfold and intersect, Eventide unveils the immemorial truths about human beings: their fragility and resilience, their selfishness and goodness, and their ability to find family in one another.

The Tie That Binds. Kent Haruf's critically acclaimed first novel.  "Eighty-year-old Edith Goodnough lies in a hospital bed, IV taped to the back of her hand, police officer at her door. She is charged with murder. The clues: a sack of chicken feed slit with a knife, a milky-eyed dog tied outdoors one cold afternoon. The motives: the brutal business of farming and a family code of ethics as unforgiving as the winter prairie itself
. Check out the rave reviews of this and of Haruf's other novels on amazon.com!

Where Once You Belonged "Deftly plotted, defiantly honest, Where You Once Belonged sings the song of a wounded prairie community in a narrative with the earmarks of a modern American classic." Also available on Amazon.

Olin, John (T-15)
Babaru of the South Seas Mentored by anthropologist George Beal, fifteen-year old red-head Davy Match of Baltimore travels alone to the island of Melanu in the South Pacific in search of the endangered leatherback sea turtle and the Mota people who protect it. He joins a local boy, Abraham Iringikeri. They canoe their dugout over clear lagoons, walk through noisy rainforest, and ride the tail of a typhoon past a taboo headland. Their journey brings them face to face with giant turtles, crocodiles, a wild man, and a sorcerer, and much more unusual and strange. This is the first of the three Adventures of Davy Match, followed by 'The Chocolate Dam' and 'Red Sky

The Chocolate Dam  In the second adventure of Davy Match, Davy, now sixteen is invited by Professor Beal to join an archeological dig in Anatolia. The professor gets into a jam with a rare letter on archeology he’s “borrowed” from the British Museum, and Davy is sent off to Kurdistan to lay low, with this letter— written by the hand of Benjamin Franklin. On a mountaintop, by the enormous head of an ancient God-King, he meets Gül, a mysterious Kurdish girl, who instructs him to go to the town of Hasankeyf on the River Tigris, a town doomed to be flooded by the construction of a hydro dam. Gül challenges him to help her find the grave of her missing brother, a Kurdish fighter.

Red Sky  In the conclusion of the trilogy, Professor Beal sends Davy, now a high school senior, to East Africa to find a small tribe of mountain people, the Te’uk, whom he had contacted and studied as a young man. Davy is caught up in the fate of a boy his age, Lokole, who has suffered deep trauma. Davy and Lokole travel through the fictional country of Burando, witnesses to genocide, arms trading, and the smuggling of blood minerals from Conga.  

Olin's trilogy of young adult novels is available from the online bookstore: www.thebookpatch.com.  Search for them by author or in the fiction/ literature, or teen and tween categories.  

Omang, Joanne (T-4)
Incident at Akabal
This novel explores the reasons some people turn to violence in rebellion against a government, the reasons others turn to violence in defense of that government, and the reasons still others get caught in the middle. Set in Guatemala of the 1980s (where the author was a foreign correspondent for The Washington Post), its protagonist is the poor mountain village of Akabal and its mayor, its priest and its indigenous families, whose lives hang in the balance.     

 Houghton-Mifflin 1992, 320 pages  ISBN 0-395-58840-5.  Available used or new from Amazon.com, alibris.com or the author: 3016 Tilden St. NW, Washington DC 20008.


Rosenberg, Robet (Friend of Turkey, RPCV-Kyrgyzstan)
This is Not Civilization.  The novel takes place largely in Istanbul just prior to the 1999 earthquake and is possibly the first major work of fiction in the U.S. to explore that devastating tragedy.

Taylor, Gordon (T-8)

Place of the Dawn
.  Novel in which main character is a former Turkey volunteer who has stayed on, living in Istanbul.  Published in 1975, it is out of print but is available from 25 different used-book sellers via the "alibris" web site.
Turner, Tom (T-9)
Petals.  A young San Francisco reporter and his graphic-designer girlfriend investigate a series of suspicious murders and then become targets themselves. Available from Lulu.com.


Bookseller  www.bookfinder.com  Tom Schantz (T-13) is a professional bookseller. When looking on line for out of print books, go to this site.  It lists books from more dealers than any other single site. Unlike other companies, this one doesn't just buys books from another dealers and then forward them on to you. That process takes longer and can cost more when you add in handling charges.