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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
August 13, 2013

In attendance:  Mike Jewell, Linda Scheffer, Peggy Hanson, Lynn Maichle, Ken Hill, Lin Lougheed, Valerie Olson, John Gallivan, Sandy Anderson, Winnie Hill, Dave Weinman

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at Attila’s.

Linda Scheffer presented the Financial report.

Print vs Electronic Distribution

Question:  Should we consider sending the Directory and/or Buralarda electronically?

Most people want a hard copy of the directory, but Buralarda may be different

MOVED:  Mike Jewell to send questionnaire to investigate whether people would prefer Buralarda be sent electronically

Project Donations

Can we afford to donate more than currently allocated for 2013 project donations? 

·   yes, we have a small amount we can donate where it will make a difference. 

MOVED: Donate to Kuzey Doğa (a Turkish organization) to buy another camera monitor. Lin Lougheed will monitor their expenditures, and write an article for Buralarda

ARIT:   Peggy will put a notice in Buralarda about the ARIT project for people who may want to donate to it.

Bayram Dinner Logistics

Ken will solicit guests (up to 8) from the Turkish Embassy, Peace Corps, etc. and will recommend a speaker from those who accept

Timing:   1st choice – Sunday 10/27 at 5:00 pm at Kazan;  2nd choice – Sunday 11/3

 Ken & Dave will verify the date with Kazan

This will be the 50th year for T-02 and 03;  John Gallivan will investigate possible entertainment

Bayram Dinner Activities:

Silent Auction: 

·   Peggy will organize it with support from John Gallivan

·   Everyone is encouraged to find something to contribute to items to be auctioned off

·   Peggy will put a request in Buralarda asking people to send a picture, description & estimated value of the items they plan to donate


·   Lin & Ken will sell raffle tickets

·   Each board member will bring an item to raffle


Due date for content for the next edition:  mid-September

Target date for publishing:   end September

Will include a notice about this year’s Bayram dinners and some stories/photos from last year (Sandy)

Will include article on Kuzey Doğa from Lin

Photo Book

Will be pre-ordered; proceeds will pay for all the expenses

After rescanning is done and we have the final selection of photos, we’ll put together a the draft layout and get a printing estimate


Final layout with corrections will be available for final review 2nd week in September

Mike Jewell will write the cover letter

Printed directories will be mailed to Ken Hill;  volunteers for assembling the mailing will meet there

Next Board Meeting:  January 1/21

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


Notes taken by Lynn Maichle


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