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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
August 14, 2012

In attendance:  Sandy Anderson, Elliot Eisenberg, Peggy Hanson, Ken and Winnie Hill, Mike Jewell, Lin Lougheed, Lynn Maichle, Linda Scheffer, and Dave Weinman  

Treasurer’s Report   

We have added 31 new members, and 16 people contributed to projects.   

Our current membership is 348, in contrast to 427 last year. 

We anticipate ordering 400 copies of the upcoming directory.  Sending them via media mail is $2.50, and overseas is $11.  Lynn Maichle is joining Linda and Sandy on the team to prepare the directory; she will coordinate the photographs. 

Lin Lougheed brought up the idea of having a members-only section on the website.  We discussed the challenge to Ellie to set up passwords, and Sandy is uneasy about putting any contact information on the web.


Ashoka has a track record, as does
Bridges of Hope.  Their track record can be seen on their website.  They want to name a library for Rick Ash or the Pearsons.
Beekeeping – our contact died as did the beekeeping project.
HasNa used their funds to send Sandy Pfunder and Carl Nelson to Diyarbakır to teach a short a time.

Mike requested that we ask HasNa for an update on activity.  Linda said she would do it.

Lin explained how last May he and Linda went to the Turkish Embassy and met John Şekercioğlu with National Geographic’s Young Explorers.  Kuzeydoğu (northeast) and Kuzey Doğa (north nature) is the name of a project near Kars to establish and maintain a wildlife corridor from Georgia to Iraq.  Currently animals face dams, farmers and others.  This is a volunteer effort, and locals are being asked to set aside parklands.  Şekercioğlu has a small group of 4-5, and some volunteers.  He also works at the Univ. of Utah in Eco-Science, a 501(c)3.  Lin will match anything we contribute.  The project has a website showing an earlier picture of a lake outside Kars with a road bisecting it, and now the old road has become an island.  Around Kars the land is government and city owned.

Balyolu, a honey-producing ecological tour project may also be asking for funding. 

A motion was made to set $500 aside for the Kuzey Doğa project, to be decide at the end of 2012, when we will review our financial situation.  That would be added to contributions Peggy and Lin are planning to make in the name of Arkadaşlar.  The motion passed unanimously. 

50th Celebration in Turkey 

Peggy noted that Linda is now helping them.  There are complications with who arrives when, where they are staying, where they are meeting, and who is rooming with whom.  Most people are arriving September 5.  On September 6, Day 1, they have the basic program, including a visit to Anıtkabir.  They will visit Gazi Eğitim Enstitüsü, and in the evening enjoy a reception hosted by the Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM).  On the 7th, they will present the check for the C. Erik Olson Memorial Fund to Haceteppe Hospital, and have lunch with the doctors.  The night of the 7th, there will be a panel discussion involving four T-1s.Then the group will scatter, with some going on a bus trip. 


Buralarda is due out on Oct. 1.  Peggy will write a story about the trip to Turkey, and Ellie will write about Balyolu.  Mike will discuss projects, and we’ll include an obituary of Nesim Abuaf. 

Cumhuriyet Bayram Dinner 

It will be on October 28, at Kazan Restaurant, at 5:30.  We plan to organize baskets to raffle.  These are contributed by the Board Members.  Yıldız is planning to come.  We need to mail invitations and appoint someone to run the auction.  Ken and Lin can run the raffle.  Mike will find an embassy speaker.  Rauf Dentaş was good; now he’s DCM. 


At our last meeting Sandy said that she could not keep up with monitoring the emails that are posted on the listserv.  There is a problem with people posting links but not including any personal message to assure members that the link is not spam or malware.  The Board felt that is should be a requirement that people write a personal note. Ken said he will keep an eye on the postings to make sure the personal messages are provided.  

Next Meeting:  January 22. 

Notes taken by

Sandy Anderson

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