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August 9, 2000, Minutes of the Board
Levante Lokantasi, Washington DC

I. Introductions
The meeting was called to order by President Lin Lougheed (T-16). The meeting was attended by Board members Mike Jewell (T-01), Linda Scheffer (T-08), Sandy Anderson (T-13), Dave Bloch (T-02), and Marcia Gnuse (T-13). Other Akradaslar members present were Dave Weinman, (Staff, T-01), Jean Lavid Fromberg (T-08/09), Kathy Scruggs (T-02) and John Wintrol (T-02).

II. Treasurer's Report
Linda Scheffer reported that as of August 9, 2000, Arkadaslar has $4,994.00 on hand (including the promised $2,750 2000 contributions.) Presently, our membership is 328 members. Membership in NPCA in 2000 presently totals 77 members.

III. Contributions
Linda reported that so far in 2000, 77 members have contributed $3,800 to the Turkish Earthquake Relief Fund. We are holding these funds hoping we can get additional contributions to total $5,000 so we can receive a plaque from the Yardimci Gurubu acknowledging Arkadaslar's aid. In 1999, 179 of our members contributed $13,336.31 so we feel we can add $1,200 this year. This fall we will be sending our 2000 contributions to the Sevinc Abla Okulu ($1,500), the Beekeeping Project ($750) and the Hacettepe Hospital Erik Olson Fund ($500). A letter will accompany the contribution explaining that our gift-giving policies are under review and that the level of support in the future may change. This will enable us to determine other sources for our generosity where small amounts of money could make an impact.

Dave Bloch recommended contacting the State Department, AID, retired military groups and Turkish associations in the U.S. particularly student associations to help identify needy organizations in Turkey. It was also suggested that we contact RPCVs living in Turkey who could follow up on our projects.

John Wintrol pointed out that Sevinc Abla Okulu has had a long relationship with Arkadaslar and several of our members have visited the school. It is this kind of a relationship that we want to foster.

The board expressed an interest in working on small specific projects focusing on education, development, and social services. Dave Bloch asked the board to consider scholarship funds for students within Turkey.

To help support our on-going projects, the Board recommended adding $5.00 to the cost of the Cumhuriyet Bayrami dinner.

The Board agreed that we shouldn't be humble about our ability to raise over $40,000 for Turkish projects and that we should advertise the fact at every opportunity. Lin Lougheed is still talking with NPCA to see how our members can get tax deductions for charitable gifts to Arkadaslar.

IV. Activities:
Membership Drive

Lin Lougheed said we needed to get the 500 potential members of Arkadaslar signed up and that we should broaden our membership base to include all friends of Turkey whether they were past Peace Corps volunteers or not. But the crucial issue is to get our own volunteers on the roll. He proposed a program used by another professional organization. At the time of membership renewal, a current member gives a gift of a membership to a new member. The gift membership only costs 1/2 the full membership. The current member pays $20 + $10 and we get a new member. Once you are a member, you will likely maintain your membership.

Sandy Anderson proposed getting the regional groups active in promoting membership in their regions. No action was taken. We decided to think of a variety of ways to attract new members.

Cumhuriyet Bayrami Dinners
Sandy Anderson brought print-outs of regional groups which were given to the regional representatives on the board and those guests who volunteered to help.
Region 1/2 Northeast:  Dave Bloch
Region 3 East Central:   Ed Block
Region 4 South:   Kathy Scruggs
Region 5 North Central:   Jean Lavid Fromberg
Region 6 South Central:   Mike Jewell
Region 7 Plains:   Sandy Anderson
Region 9 Northwest:   Linda Scheffer
Region 10: Pacific:   Marcia Demkowicz Gnuse
Region 11: International:   Lin Lougheed

The regional representatives will contact people in the region to drum up interest in their organizing the bayram dinner this year. The Board will provide labels, offer suggestions, and cover mailing expenses.

We encourage all local groups holding bayram dinners to send us photos, menus, and stories about your evening. These will be reproduced in the newsletter and on the web page.

Washington area Cumhuriyet Bayrami Dinner
Dave Weinman and Mike Jewell made arrangements for our local dinner to be held at Kazan's in McLean, VA. It will be held on Republic Day itself, Sunday, October 29th at 6:00pm. The dinner will be preceded by an opportunity to view handmade rugs and carpets from a cooperative near Cappadocia. Ten percent of the profits of any carpet purchased that evening will be donated by the cooperative to an earthquake relief fund.

We are still looking for someone to take over the responsibility of running the listserve from Sandy Anderson. The listserve now has over 400 members. Sandy did all the hard work of getting it going; now it's a piece of cake. Any volunteers should contact Sandy. turkeydost@aol.com

V. Events
40th Reunion
We will need to talk to NPCA to get a sense of what they are planning before we can go any further. We need a volunteer to coordinate our plans.

Katherine Scruggs told us about an organization founded by a friend of hers that brings Turkish, Kurdish, and Arabic speaking youth from SE Turkey together to learn skills like building earthquake-free houses. They are spending a month in Washington, D.C. and Kathy is looking for local volunteers who will host them for dinners or weekends.

Next meeting
The next meeting will be held at 5:30 PM Sunday, October 29th at Kazan Restaurant, 6813 Redmond Drive, McLean, VA, (703) 734-1960. The short meeting will take place 30 minutes before the Cumhuriyet Bayrami dinner.


Board Meeting Minutes:
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