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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
April 20, 2010

In attendance:  Sandy Anderson, Peggy Hanson, Mike Jewell, Mary Helen Madden, Linda Scheffer, Dave Weinman, and Alice Antwine (T-10).  This is five Board Members and not a quorum.  Board Members will be asked to vote on all issues in an email accompanying the meeting notes.

Treasurer’s Report 

Linda reported that we have 356 paid members, and last year had 395 by the end of the year. 

We have 138 persons contributing to projects for $3,100, and had over $4,000 last year. 

Based on the project budget, there will only be a $200 at the end of the year. We considered whether we should drop any of the projects. 

Suggestions included increasing membership by working through the group leaders.  

Also, agreed to mail the checks to the projects in the fall. 

The budget is tighter, even though we raised the dues this year.  Postage costs have increased, and we’re sending Buralarda out three times a year. 

We also noted that we had earlier agreed to maintain our old projects and consider other projects if we had additional money.   

The Treasurer’s Report and Budget were approved. 


American University was going to get back to us on the possibility of archives.  Sandy exchanged emails with a librarian at American Univ. who said he would investigate.  American Univ. is trying to have something special for the Peace Corps. 

Peace Corps’ 50th Anniversary, September 22 – 26, 2011

The Board will serve as the Peace Corps’ 50th Planning Committee. 

We are looking into booking a hotel in Arlington, about a mile from the Metro.  Rooms are about $79 each.  Mary Helen pointed out that we should not have to pay for using one of their meeting rooms.  Their meeting rooms accommodate an estimated 50 people. 

We would like to be invited to the Turkish Embassy, possibly for a reception. 

We’re assuming that Friday, September 23, the different groups will have dinner together at different Turkish restaurants or other locations. 

At the last reunion, ATA-DC had a wine & cheese reception for us early in the evening. 

For the program, we’d like a presentation on the projects, and an update on what’s going on in Turkey. 

We could have tables around the outside with memorabilia. 

We would like to have Bill Moyers speak.  He is hard to get, but we could invite him now.   

We would like the large group – plenary session to be on Friday, daytime or afternoon.  If not, then we can have it Thursday night. 

We’ve had Global Reunions in DC in 1986 and 1995. 

T-shirts for our last Global Reunion were designed by Marianne Leach and had a map of Turkey, our programs, and all our sites given against a background with a çay bardak.  We debated whether to reprint the same t-shirt again.  Alice Antwine, who joined us for this meeting, is an artist and will contact Marianne Leach to discuss the availability of the original design, as well as think about alternative designs. 

Groups will be asked to prepare biographical books of and for their members.

Arkadaşlar Book 

Sandy distributed samples from the Korean book and photos that Dick Janzig, project director, is proposing for the Arkadaşlar Book.  Photos will be clustered around certain themes.   

If the book should cost $50 and we order 200 of them, the cost is $10,000.  There are three strategies that are being considered to address the cost:

1)     Have people pay for the books up front prior to printing.

2)     Use internet publishing where the books are printed as they are ordered.

3)     Seek a grant to help underwrite the costs.

We also may reduce the cost by not printing hard-bound, or printing a fewer number of copies.


We discussed whether we need an edition of Buralarda to go out this May, and decided we did because

1)     We need to send out the call for photos and written stories for the Arkadaşlar Book.

2)     We want to outline the activities being planned for the Peace Corps’ 50th.

3)     Mike will want to encourage more memberships, and for people to donate to projects. 

4)     We need for people to tell Linda Scheffer if they think they are coming to the 50th, and whether they need a hotel, free lodging, or have a place to stay. 

5)     We would also like their ideas, and encourage their active participation.

 The next issue of Buralarda will be at the end of August.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 6:30 at Atillas. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Anderson


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