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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
April 22, 2009 

In attendance:  Sandy Anderson, Elliot Eisenberg, Peggy Hanson, Ken Hill, Linda Scheffer, and Dave Weinman. 

Treasurer’s Report

Concerning the dues, currently at $20/year we are breaking even, and that is without contributing to any projects in Turkey.  The money that goes to them is coming from members who attach additional funds for the projects when they send in their dues.

It was moved and seconded that we raise the dues to $25. 

The discussion included a concern that the country is in a recession, and Arkadaşlar is currently breaking even. However, the increase would give us a little back-up, especially as there will be an increase in postage.  It would also allow us to continue our contributions to projects in Turkey.  The timing is good as the need is greater.

Vote:  5 in support; 1 opposed  

Peace Corps’ 50th Anniversary 

Mary Helen will be our representative to NPCA in planning the Anniversary.  Communications will be through the www.PeaceCorpsConnect website 

NPCA Social Networking Site

NPCA found a funding source for the FaceBook type social networking site at  http://community.peacecorpsconnect.org/.  It is now the virtual NPCA.  Members are advised to be careful about what they put on the site, as they should be for all social networking sites. 

We discussed whether Arkadaşlar should put energy into FaceBook, Arkadaşlar website, the listserv and the PeaceCorpsConnect site. 

Projects in Turkey 

Several organizations have approached us about supporting them.  We decided that we don’t have the money this year, but any may reapply next year.  The Board voted unanimously to support the current list of projects at the current level of Arkadaşlar and member contribution funds. 

New Project Grant Application Form 

Discussion of the use of the new form raised questions about whether we should do more business-type work.  The form requires advertising, etc. while we have limited funds.  We agreed to have the form available in case it is needed at a time requiring greater formality. 

Cumhuriyet Bayram Dinner 

The dinner will be at Kazan’s on October 25.  The Planning Committee will consist of Peggy, Dave, Ken and Mary Helen.  It will be the year of the T-04’s anniversary. 


The next issue of Buralarda needs to go out in the first two weeks of September.  This gets the contact persons and locations of the Bayram Dinners into members’ hands in time for them to plan to attend. 

New Directory 

We are expecting the new directories sometime in September.  Inşallah.  We can collate and put them in their envelopes at Peggy’s or Ken’s house.  

Next Meeting:  Thursday, September 17 at Atilla's. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Anderson

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