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Arkadaslar Board Meeting
Atilla’s Restaurant
April 26, 2007

In attendance:  Ken & Winnie Hill, Linda Scheffer, Valerie Olson, Sandy Anderson and Dave Weinman.  This is short of a quorum.

Sandy Pfunder’s book, Village in the Meadows, has been published, and the publisher can be found at www.nettleberry.com.  (See below.)

Ken Hill brought The New York Times, April 23, 2007, p. 5, to the meeting.  Sandy will keyboard it to share on the listserv.

Things that are happening: 

Ø  A video is being made of PCVs by one of the companions on the tour sponsored by Anatolian Artisans in the summer, 2006.

Ø  A professor at the University of Izmir is looking for stories, and mementos of PCVs for a presentation he will make at a professional society in the late spring, and possibly turn into a book.

Ø  Susan Holm is contacting people for the 50th anniversary at the University in Erzurum.  Dave noted that all of the volunteers in Erzurum were connected to the University.

Ø  Sevinc Abla has sent us scarves and things to share.  Linda has these.


Ø  Turkey 1s are having their 45th Reunion this year.  Do other groups want to do something?  Activities can include a group tour of the Textile Museum, the embassy …  We’ll send it out on the listserv.

Ø  The Peace Corps’ 50th Reunion will be in 2011.

Ø  The PCV Alumni organization is organizing activities for the national 50th reunion in 2011. 

It was moved and approved that we recommend to the Board that the budget be approved.  The approval includes sending the listed amounts to our projects in Turkey.  The amount is the same as last year.   

Board Members
We decided to invite Pat Fesci, Elliot Eisenberg and Frank Drumheller to become Board Members.  All had said they were willing to serve.  Peggy Hanson has asked to leave the Board.  That will bring our total number to 12.  We usually have between 11 and 13 members at a time.  Dave will contact Elliot and Frank to confirm their willingness.  Approval will require the vote of the current Board.

Bookmarks and Postcards
Similar to the last time we printed a directory, we have a lot of printed cover stock available.  At that time, our publisher cut the covers in a way to create a variety of postcards and bookmarks.  We agreed that we would like to do that with the new covers.  Mike Jewell will be picking the covers up, and we plan to ask Mary Helen for her ideas on selecting the company to cut up the bookmarks and postcards.  We will distribute them to members at the Bayram Dinners.

Sandy Pfunder’s Book
We intend to sponsor a book signing for Sandy Pfunder’s book.  We expect 25-50 people and want something simple, 5:00-7:00 at Chadwick’s, O’Connor’s, Kazan’s back room, Georgetown or the National Press Club, with the last place favored.  We’ll use email and a Phone Tree.  We plan to prepare a flier for the email.  Sandy A. will get a digital copy of the book using Ken’s copy.  Dave will talk to Sandy Pfunder about it.

Peace Corps Groups, Arkadaslar and NPCA
Ken Hill commented that, of the ~130 COS (Country of Service) groups, Arkadaslar is one of the most active.  There are 10-12 Geographic Groups which tend to be more active.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, July 18, at Atillas.    


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