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Washington DC Area Cumhurriyet Bayram Dinner  2010

The Washington DC Metropolitan area held its Cumhuriyet Bayram dinner on Sunday, October 31st, at the popular Turkish restaurant, "Kazan," in McLean, VA.  There were 83 people in attendance, and we dined on delicious meze, döner kebab, dessert, and had a choice of wine, soda, coffee and tea at the meal,  Yıldız Yagcı, of Anatolian Artisans, sold lovely Turkish handmade wares, and Süleyman Kalcı had wonderful Turkish carpets for sale.  We also raffled off baskets of goodies and raised $272 for "Arkadaslar" Projects.

In addition to the usual MD, VA, and DC attendees, we also had people from PA, MI, TN, NJ, FL, and WA.  There were also RPCVs from Brazil, Cameroon, Ghana, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Thailand, and Uzbekistan.  We welcomed newcomers Tom and Kathy Waljeski Kral (T-4), Pat Gleason Chase (T-8), Linda Dominik (T-2), and Bruce Eberle (T-10).  Ken Marion (T-8) came again with his wife, Janese Trivette, their daughter, Minta Marion Trivette, and Minta's friend, Rob Inglis.  Gerry Karey (T-8) also came with his daughter, Emma Karey.          

We also were pleased to welcome Michelle Peters, daughter of the late Monty Peters (T-1).  Michelle brought some photo albums of pictures her father had taken during his Peace Corps stint.  She enjoyed meeting with the T-1s and others who knew her father back then and hearing about his activities in the Peace Corps. 

 Along this same line, we were pleased to have Vivien Ash Gallagher, and her husband, Jeff Gallagher, attend the dinner, as well.  Vivien is the sister of the late Rick Ash (T-2).  She was happy to meet with the T-2s before the dinner and hear stories of Rick's Peace Corps service.  "Arkadaslar" also presented Vivien with a plaque and certificate in honor of Rick that another PCV, Bill Surbaugh (T-9), obtained for Rick from the Rotary Club. 

Süleyman Gökçe, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Turkish Embassy, was also in attendance and offered a few remarks.  He was very pleased to learn of the many "goodwill ambassadors" Turkey has around the country.  He made note of the Peace Corps' 50th Anniversary next year, and said he anticipated that Ambassador Tan would probably host us in some fashion at the Turkish Embassy.  İnşallah.

Thanks to everyone for making this such a special evening. 

Linda Scheffer (T-8)        

Ernie Hurst (Staff), Dave Weinman (Amca), and Mike Jewell (T-1)

Kathy Waljeski Kral (T-4), Margaret Hamill Patterson (T-4), and Tom Kral (T-4). 


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