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Seattle Cumhurriyet Bayram Dinners  2010

Pictured, left to right; Sitting: Yasemin San, Seher Öner, Barbara Van Dyke Shuman, Diana Pearce, Patty Anderson, Rana San, Ruth Hultengren
Standing, middle: Zeynep
Kaslı, Phil Konkel, Ali San, Hanna Eulenberg and Omaira Borges
Standing, back: Bob Eschenbach, Michael Eulenberg, Zeybep Seviner, Tom Snoeburger, James Stark, Jim Shuman, Dave Vandergrift, Marilyn Stark, Pat Anderson, George Wright, Dale Hultengren, Don Quinitchette, Dana Marmion, Laraine Hong, Julie Eulenberg and Kent Breidenstein
 Not pictured: Babette and John Thompson, Gretchen and Gary LaTurner, Devon Carroll, Elinor Vandergrift, and David Usta

Everyone in the picture is smiling. That pretty well sums it up.

Continuing a long-standing and very successful tradition, Seattle area volunteers gathered for a potluck of wonderful Turkish food at the home of Ruth and Dale Hultengren in Shoreline, a north Seattle suburb. 

Thirty-five people attended. A record! RPCV's included: Pat & Patty Anderson (T-16), Hanna Eulenberg (T-15), George Wright and Diana Pearce (T-9), Michael Eulenberg (T-15), Dana Marmion (T-15), Gretchen Nist LaTurner (T-8), Bob Eschenbach (T-15), Marilyn Stark (T-4), Laraine Hong (T-15), John Thompson (T-8), Dave Vandergrift (T-8), Barbara Van Dyke Shuman (T-8), Phil Konkel (T-15) and Dale Hultengren (T-15).  

Ali San, a Turkish instructor at Occidental in 1968, attended along with his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law. Friends and family included Kent Breidenstein, Julie Eulenberg, Ruth Hultengren, Don Quinitchette, David Hultengren, James Stark, Babette Thompson, Gary LaTurner, Tom Snoeburger, Jim Shuman, Devon Carroll and Elinor Vandergrift. We also had three special guests: Omaira Borges, a guest of the Starks from Maracaibo, Venezuela; and Zeynep Seviner and Zeynep Kaslı, who, respectively, hail from Istanbul and Izmir and who are both studying Ottoman Turkish at the University of Washington.  

Much good conversation and reminiscing highlighted the evening but, yes, there was plenty of food. And we did very well without having to go a restaurant. Our menu included four trays of börek, two trays of yaprak dolması, patlıcan, fasulye, meyva salata, tabouli, domates salatası, mercimek çorbası, Adana kebab (served with cacık, haydari, soğan, maydanos and grilled tomatoes). For dessert, we had baked quince and two trays of baklava. And forgive me for what I’ve forgotten! There was so much food!  

Special thanks to photographer Devon Carroll, who gave up his spot at the table so the rest of us could be photographed; and to Elinor Vandergrift who, likewise gave up a spot and, with much good humor, held the dining room table chandelier out of the way so that we could all be seen. Lastly, special thanks to David Hultengren, for baking two trays of baklava and for grilling the Adana kebab that his father had prepared but was too tired to put on the barbecue.   

Dale Hultengren


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