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Dave Weinman at 2018 DC Area Bayram Dinner
February 9, 1934 - December 15, 2018

It is with great sorrow that we report the passing of "Amca" Dave Weinman, the first and later the last Peace Corps Turkey director.  Dave was also the driving force behind our organizing as Arkadașlar, a group that has remained very active through 2018.  RIP, Dave.

Photos from 2018 Bayram Dinners  We have photos from the Washington, DC area group only.  If you attended a bayram dinner or lunch and have photos or short reports, please send and we'll publish them.

Photos from the April 2018 Turkey-1 Reunion

Call for Memory Pieces from editors of Buralarda:

We are putting out a final  (that means FINAL) two issues of Buralarda early this year (2019, which will include a report on what Arkadașlar has done). Buralarda.
YOU won't be on the mailing list for those unless you have paid your $30 dues to Linda Scheffer.
We have received some wonderful submissions so far.  Some people have preferred to share advice on Turkish food, books, etc. and those will be included, too.  These issues of Buralarda will also be given to the Peace Corps, the Library of Congress and anywhere else we might archive our memories.
Thank you.  Peggy, Dale and the Board

Dave Weinman (PC-Turkey's first and then last director)   Dec. 15, 2018
William Taylor (T-5) passed away passed away Nov. 5, 2018
Donald J. Carolan (T-13) passed away Nov. 5, 2018  (no obituary)
Thomas M. Doerr (T-8) passed away Nov. 5, 2018
Barbara Bailey (T-9)  passed away Sept. 1, 2018
Edward Klinger (T-13) passed away July 10, 2018

Hikmet Sebuktekin (Training staff)  June 11, 2018
Gerry Karey (T-8) passed away July 2, 2018 
Ginny Olds Goshdigian (T-2) passed away May 20, 2018
Susannah Dickie Caley Lynch (staff spouse) passed away May 15, 2018

Stephen R. Neary (T-12) passed  away March 6, 2018
Virginia M. Schramm (T-4) passed away Feb. 14, 2018

Ann Zimmermann Sherrington (T-4) passed away Feb 3, 2018
James Borton (T-1) passed away July 8, 2017


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Arkadaslar is a network of 1200 people who served as Peace Corps Volunteers or staff in Turkey between 1962 and 1970 and other friends of Turkey.  Arkadaslar is committed to maintaining the network and fostering continued ties among our Turkish friends, ourselves, and our international communities.

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Peace Corps recruiting poster from the late 60's or early 70's designed by Gary Jameson (T-9).

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